Privacy Policy of the ZEP2-App

This App represents a comfortable way to enter time-records and receipts on a mobile device. The data entered by the user is synchronized with the cloud-solution ZEP – Timerecording for Projects. A precondition for using the app is a valid and active cloud-, on premise or test-ZEP-account, as well as valid login data for a ZEP user account. After a user connected the app to ZEP by entering valid login data, he may create, modify and delete his – and only his – timerecords and receipts.


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Description of the data requested by the app and required access permissions

On Login a user must provide teh same valid login data he provides when logging in to his account in the ZEP cloud solution. This data is stored in the App and is send encrypted to ZEP in each request to authenticate the user. The App neither logs, stored, send nor asks for any device-, contact-, location, movement- or personal data.

Internet/WLAN access

Is used to synchronize the data entered by the user (timerecords, receipts) with ZEP cloud solution.

Camera access

Access to the camera is used to

  • Scan the QR-code with the ZEP login data: this convenience feature helps the user to connect faster to ZEP. The QR is displayed to the user in the ZEP profile section after successful login. The QR-code holds the ZEP invocation URL as well as the user’s login-id, so that the user isn’t required to type in this information.
  • Take photos of receipts: when re4cording receipts with the app the user may take a picture of the original receipt and attach it to the entered receipt data. The photo will be synchronized with ZEP as part of the receipt data.

Photo-Gallery access

When entering receipt data the user may attach a photo of the photo gallery to the receipt. The photo will be synchronized with ZEP as part of the receipt data.

Calender access

If the app is granted calendar-access, new time records may be created by the user based on calendar-events. Creating a time record for an events will copy the event’s start- and endtime as well as the events title. The app accesses the calendar read-only. It will not create, modify or delete any events in the calendar.

Telephone access

Is used to call the ZEP support when the user taps the ZEP support phone number.

Access to „external storage“

Required by former Android versions to be able to temporarily store images of receipts which were attached to a receipt.


Is used to give a feedback when the QR Login-Code was successfully read.

Transfer to third parties and purpose

All data entered in this app is synchronized and stored with the user’s ZEP account only. No data is given to any third parties.

This privacy policy was updated January 13th, 2020.