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About Us

Since 2000, ZEP - now in its second generation - has been continuously developing to be the right time tracking solution for every project and every business.

About provantis IT Solutions

For many years, the computer scientists Thilo Jahke and Oliver Lieven accompanied medium-sized and large companies as consultants and project managers. In 2000, they founded provantis IT Solutions with the aim of realising a solution for recording working hours on projects in modern web technology and became one of the pioneers in the field of software-as-a-service with the development start of ZEP. Since then, ZEP has been continuously developed further based on customer requests and today provides a central software in everyday life for more than 1,500 corporate customers with more than 40,000 users. With the change of generations in the management, provantis will continue to exist as an owner-managed company through Benny Hahn and Christian Bopp for a long time to come and will continue to develop ZEP close to customer requirements in the future.

1000000 +
Hours tracked with ZEP since 2000

The team

As experts in time tracking, our team is always looking to simplify the operational processes of our customers. Below you will find a selection of your contacts when it comes to your time tracking.


Benny Hahn

Managing Director

Sales, Support, Marketing


Christian Bopp

Managing Director

Finances, HR, processes


Oliver Lieven

Founder & Technical Director

Software development


Angela Zürn

Sales, Support


Anna Canova

Sales, Support


Tanja Eggert

Sales, Support

Because only time creates real values

We as a team have been working on our time tracking solutions for and with our customers for over 20 years.


The future of ZEP is also secured in the 2nd generation

provantis remains owner-managed in the second generation and will continue to successfully support its 1,300 customers in the future with the new management team of Christian Bopp and Benny Hahn.


2016 - 2022

The development of further modules & further interfaces

  • 2020: ZEP and ZEP Clock together count over 1,000 customers
  • 2019: Development of a cost-effective hardware solution - production start of our own time clock using 3D printing process
  • 2019: Start of partnership with Personio on the Personio marketplace and development of a common interface
2016 - 2022

2010 - 2015

ZEP Clock for working time tracking & first interfaces

  • 2015: Launch of ZEP Clock as a solution for tracking attendance time
  • 2013: Telekom partnership and listing on the Telekom Cloud Marketplace alongside providers such as Microsoft, Adobe and Cisco.
2010 - 2015

2001 - 2010

The development of the ZEP standard solution & first additional modules

  • 2010: Launch of the first smartphone app for mobile project time tracking
  • 2004: the first five additional modules are developed in response to customer requests
  • 2001: Launch of ZEP as an innovative cloud variant for project time tracking
2001 - 2010


The founding year of provantis IT Solutions GmbH

Thilo Jahke and Oliver Lieven found provantis with the aim of creating a cloud solution for consultants to be able to track project times digitally in future