21 December 2020

eccelerate: E-commerce consultancy uses ZEP for time recording and project controlling

"Enabling digital growth and innovation!" - This is the motto of Munich-based eccelerate GmbH, which specialises in digital consulting for companies that want to optimise their growth and innovation capabilities. The clientele includes medium-sized companies as well as globally active corporations. The main sectors are production and trade. ZEP is used at eccelerate for the recording of project working hours and cross-project project controlling.

Comprehensive project controlling at a glance

To successfully manage her work as Operations & Accounting Manager at eccelerate, Sigrid Schmid uses ZEP's extensive evaluation options for project controlling. She explains: "I work with ZEP every day. As an administrator, I can access all ongoing projects and get a complete overview of the respective project status at any time."

In addition, Ms Schmid has set up a corresponding account for herself, through which she can access all special project costs. This allows her to post all expenses associated with a project, e.g. expenses for third-party service providers. These can then be compared to the income associated with the project.

Contemporary solution, top service

"We have not regretted switching to ZEP," Sigrid Schmid is very satisfied with the three years of use so far. "The solution offers us the expected functionality and user-friendliness of a contemporary software solution for time recording and project controlling. In addition, we benefit from professional ZEP support, which is always there to help and advise us."

The complete case study on the use of ZEP at eccelerate is available at the ZEP website available.