6 June 2019

Effort down, precision up: time recording and accounting with ZEP at Unison Engineering & Consultants GmbH

As an independent engineering company, Unison Engineering & Consultants GmbH has been offering engineering services with a focus on plant design for over 20 years. The product range of Unison's business units "Engineering New Plants", "Re-planning Old Plants" and "Engineering Services" extends from concept studies to as-built documentation and consulting to basic and detailed engineering. The company, based in Berlin, works for companies from various sectors such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, the food industry and mechanical engineering. Its customers include well-known companies such as Bayer, MAN, Bilfinger and Sandoz. Unison has been using the cloud-based solution ZEP - Time Recording for Projects since 2012 for time recording and accounting of project working hours as well as project controlling.

Manual time recording and accounting: far too much effort

Rena Knauer is a commercial employee responsible for all commercial matters at Unison, including project accounting. Ms Knauer started at Unison in 2012, at about the same time the company decided to look for a special solution for time recording, accounting and project controlling. The decision was triggered by the realisation that the previous method of manually recording project times in Excel lists was no longer up to date. Ms Knauer recalls: "Before the introduction of ZEP, one employee was almost solely occupied with requesting the recording of project times on lists, reconciling them with the agreed project times and finally invoicing them." Furthermore, this procedure lacked precision and traceability, and errors in time recording were commonplace.

Unison received the first hint about ZEP from a project partner. "The company we know operates in a similar environment, was already using ZEP and was very satisfied with it." Based on this good experience, Unison decided to follow suit and also rely on ZEP as a software solution for time recording and accounting. "The advantage for us was not only that we were spared lengthy and time-consuming research and evaluation of the numerous solutions available on the market. We benefited from the other company's experience in using ZEP right from the start," Ms Knauer explains the approach.

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