4 November 2019

Project time recording, travel expense accounting, invoicing and project controlling in the good healthcare group

The good healthcare group has set itself the goal of improving the challenging communication between the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare professionals and patients. They are supported in their mission by now more than 450 healthcare specialists at two locations. From strategy development to omni-channel contact to patient communication, the company can thus cover the entire spectrum of sensitive pharmaceutical communication with its total of four business branches in//touch, +49 med, patient+ and cso+. The challenges that arise for daily work but also communication are - as is so often the case in the pharmaceutical industry - very complex and require an extensive internal organisational structure.

As a shared service company, ghg good healthcare GmbH is responsible for, among other things, the areas of Finance & Controlling and Human Resources for the entire group. ghg good healthcare GmbH uses the ZEP solution - Time Recording for Projects - to record and account for the project times of the various companies.

"Uniform time recording and accounting throughout the group".

This is how Sebastian Schröter, Chief Financial Officer of the good healthcare group, describes the starting point and goal in the search for a time recording solution was that the tool could be used for all companies united in the good healthcare group. He explains further: "The aim was to create a uniform basis for different ways of working in the individual companies - consultants at in//touch and the project teams at the companies +49 med and patient+." Julia David, Manager Finance at ghg good healthcare GmbH, adds: "In the past, the consultants at in//touch had used a different project management tool, while the other companies only focused on performance-based billing." "Standardisation, the creation of transparency and the increasing requirements of corporate management became more and more important," confirms Sebastian Schröter.

ZEP in daily use at the good healthcare group

As a power user, Julia David works with ZEP every day. She explains: "The complete project time recording of all companies in the good healthcare group runs via ZEP. The employees use the web-based user interface or the mobile app for this. For billing, we use ZEP's invoicing tool. This means a significant time saving for us. Thanks to the automatic transfer of data from time recording to invoicing, we can also be sure that all data has been transferred correctly." Together with ZEP support, the letter template for the invoice form was adapted accordingly.

ZEP support: "We have always felt comfortable".

The two ghg employees were positively surprised by the ZEP support. "Unfortunately, one often experiences the case that the provider's support suddenly stops after the purchase decision, but this is definitely not the case with ZEP," explains Sebastian Schröter. Together, customer-specific adjustments and requirements were and are discussed and implemented with a very short response time. "The ZEP support is really great!" confirms Julia David.

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