21 September 2016

provantis presents new ZEP module "Freelancers and Independent Workers

provantis IT Solutions GmbH, manufacturer of the web-based standard solution ZEP - Time Recording for Projects, presents the new module "Freelancers". The accounting of external employees can now be carried out much more efficiently, as a central cost accounting can be generated in the module for each external employee. It is also possible to create credit notes, which completely eliminates the need to check invoices of external employees.

"The billing of external employees and the associated checking of the invoices issued by these employees is usually very time-consuming," provantis Managing Director Thilo Jahke knows from his own project experience. "With the new ZEP module, this effort can be reduced to a minimum, as well as even completely eliminated by creating and sending credit notes to external employees."

Fast and efficient invoice verification, creation of credit notes

The new ZEP module "Freelancers" offers the possibility to create a central cost accounting for each external employee. This records which costs the freelancer is allowed to charge based on the work he or she has done and the hourly or daily rates stored in the system. When the freelancer then sends his or her invoice, it only has to be reconciled with the cost accounting.

The process becomes even simpler if the cost settlement is used as a credit note to the external employee. This means that in future the external employee will no longer have to create invoices at all, and as a result there will be no need for a corresponding invoice check.

With the new module, credit notes can be generated on the company's invoice letterhead (PDF, MS Word), special expense accounts (for remuneration, receipts, VMA and kilometre allowance) and BU keys for freelancers can be stored for export to accounting.

Further information on the new module "Freelancers" is available at the ZEP website available.