4 July 2019

Survey: Only half of German companies use time recording systems

As a recent study published by the company sdworx shows. Survey on the topic of time recording systems revealed that only 49 per cent of the companies surveyed in Germany use time recording systems. Germany is thus clearly behind the companies in Belgium, France and Great Britain. Only in the Netherlands is the proportion lower, at 43 per cent.

"Especially against the background of the current decision of the ECJ on the mandatory recording of working time in companies, it is important for many companies to deal with the issue of time recording as quickly as possible. The fact that, according to the survey, more than half of the companies in Germany currently do not have the technical solution at all to meet the required conditions should be understood as a warning signal and wake-up call," Oliver Lieven, Managing Director of provantis IT Solutions, comments on the results of the survey. Lieven continues: "The result is all the more surprising when you consider that in many project-oriented companies and industries a precise and timely recording of working hours is a central prerequisite for proving and billing these times to the client/customer."

Thanks to modern web-based time recording solutions such as the time recording software ZEP - time recording for projects - offered by provantis, it is very easy for companies to make up for their deficits in time recording.

ZEP - Because time is money

ZEP was developed with the aim of providing project-oriented companies (consulting, software development, engineering, etc.) with a complete solution tailored to their specific requirements. These requirements include:

  1. MobilityEmployees of companies in project-oriented industries usually work on-site at the customer and often travel between different project assignments. For this reason, they need to be able to record their project hours on the road or on site with the customer. ZEP's mobile apps for all common operating systems make this possible.
  2. Precision: Employees in project-oriented companies usually work on several projects at the same time. For this reason, they must be able not only to record the pure project times, but also to assign them to the corresponding projects. ZEP offers the possibility to store each current project with the corresponding framework data (duration, hourly rate, etc.) in the system, so that when the times are entered, an assignment to the corresponding project is made with a mouse click.
  3. User-friendliness: Time recording is usually not one of the "favourite tasks" of project staff. For this reason, it is necessary to make the recording of times as simple and fast as possible. Thanks to a modern intuitive web user interface, ZEP makes it possible to record project times with just a few mouse clicks.

ZEP Clock and ZEP Terminal

For project-independent time recording, provantis also offers corresponding solutions with ZEP Clock and the ZEP Clock RFID Terminal.

ZEP Clock enables employee-related, seamless recording of working times with start and end times via a web-based interface or corresponding mobile apps. It is not necessary to install a software solution on site at the company. The solution even fulfils the requirements of the Minimum Wage Act (MiLoG), which has been in force since 1 January 2015 and stipulates in §17 the obligation to record time for marginally employed employees (mini-jobs).

With the ZEP Clock RFID Terminal provantis offers a hardware terminal as a supplement to the time recording software ZEP with attendance module. Employees simply clock in or out with their RFID key fob or RFID card in ZEP. The terminal displays the clock-in/out and immediately transfers the clocking-in process to the ZEP software.

Conclusion: The ZEP solution portfolio, consisting of ZEP, ZEP Clock and ZEP Clock RFID Terminal, offers companies an easy and cost-effective entry into professional and user-friendly time recording.</div