Time recording meets personnel management: ZEP now with interface to Personio

The cloud-based time recording solution ZEP offers an interface to Personio, a personnel management and recruiting software. This allows the recorded working hours in ZEP to be transferred directly to Personio

The company provantis IT Solutions offers for its cloud-based time recording solution ZEP - time recording for projects - as well as for ZEP Clock - the solution for working time recording without project reference - from now on an interface to Personioa cloud-based complete solution for personnel management and recruiting. Via the interface, the working times recorded in ZEP can be transferred directly to Personio without any additional manual effort.

"Interfaces are very important for us because they enable our customers to smoothly exchange the working times recorded in ZEP with the applications already used in the company, such as CRM, ERP, or accounting software," explains Oliver Lieven, co-founder and managing director of the company provantis IT Solutions. "With the new interface to Personio, we enable data exchange with personnel management software for the first time. We are thus taking into account the rapidly growing importance of Personio as an 'HR operating system' in medium-sized companies."

ZEP customers who record times - either via the ZEP web interface or the ZEP mobile apps - will now automatically find all their ZEP time bookings in the ZEP Personio connection. Personio Working Time Recording and can then process them further in the personnel management software.

In addition to the Personio interface, provantis currently offers interfaces for, Lexware and DATEV. A standardised SOAP interface is available for data exchange with other software applications. Further information on the ZEP interfaces is available at the ZEP website available.

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at provantis IT Solutions

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