23 May 2019

ZEP 6.0: provantis presents new generation of its complete solution for time recording and project controlling

The company provantis IT Solutions has presented the new version 6.0 of its web-based software ZEP - Time Recording for Projects. The new version represents a milestone in the development of ZEP: The new release appears with a completely revised user interface. The latest web technology and a responsive design of the ZEP web interface ensure that the application can be optimally used not only on desktop computers, but from now on also in different browsers and screen sizes on smartphones and tablets. In addition, ZEP users will in future be able to customise the user interface in terms of colour to match the company's own corporate identity.

ZEP 6.0 will be available to all customers from the end of May 2019.

"We are pleased to present ZEP 6.0, our solution with a completely new and contemporary look that makes working with ZEP much easier, and on all end devices," explains Oliver Lieven, Managing Director of provantis IT Solutions at the presentation of the new release. "At the same time, however, we have made sure that the proven menu structure of ZEP remains almost unchanged. This also makes the changeover easier for our long-standing existing customers."

The most important innovations of ZEP 6.0 at a glance

Besides the new user interface and the possibility to adapt ZEP to one's own CI in the future, ZEP 6.0 offers numerous new functions and extensions:

General innovations

To optimise the use of ZEP in an international environment, additional language, number and date formats have been added. Furthermore, the new version supports mass operations for projects, tasks, customers and employees as well as attachments for e-mail.

For secure single sign-on via Google, Microsoft Azure, Keycloack, etc., ZEP now offers a login via the Open Authorisation (OAuth) protocol.

The pseudonymisation of former employees, another new function in ZEP 6.0, helps companies to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force last year.

From now on, two or more search terms can be used in the global search.

Innovations in the Projects module

ZEP 6.0 now offers the possibility to display culinary activities in the project turnover and project time statement. In the settlement settings, daily totals can now be displayed, and the "Remark" field for VMA, km money and receipts can optionally be hidden.

Innovations in the Overtime, Absences and Holidays Module

New in ZEP 6.0 is the evaluation for accruals for overtime and remaining leave. In addition, overtime and time bonuses can optionally be calculated per employee in the new version.

Innovations in the Offers module

From now on, it is possible to move offer items via drag & drop. In addition, the period transfer when transferring an offer into a project has been optimised.

Innovations in the Invoice module

In future, mail templates with customer name and invoice title can be created as placeholders in the invoicing module. The turnover forecast can now also be displayed as a graphic. In addition, there are the two new columns payment target and discount period in the customer table. Users who use the ZUGFeRD format for electronic invoice transmission now have the country codes displayed in a selection list.

For the accounting export in DATEV, ZEP 6.0 also allows the export of the service date in addition to the invoice date. In the future, it will also be possible to compress the cost export in the settings.

Innovations in the Resource Planning module

In the staff assignment area, the standard scheduling can now also be exported in CSV format. This also applies to the scheduling matrix. In the Scheduling area, the availability of the employee can optionally be shown or hidden.

Innovations in the module Attendance

The recently introduced ZEP RFID Terminal can now be used to stamp in/out via RFID chip. In addition, there is a new setting: Fill gaps for automatically generated project times.

Innovations in the Freelance module

When using the credit note procedure, extended settings can now be made for the recipients of the credit notes.

Innovations in the ticket system module

In future, a client manager can be selected as a recipient of e-mail notifications in the notifications.

New module: Personio interface

ZEP 6.0 now enables the use of the already Connection to Personio presented at the beginning of 2019This is the only way in which times recorded in ZEP can be automatically and reliably transferred to the cloud-based personnel management solution.

New SOAP interface

The new SOAP interface of ZEP 6.0 allows access to weekly hourly ceilings as well as a query of the invoiced actual hours for projects, tasks, tickets and subtasks.

A complete overview of all innovations in ZEP 6.0 can be found in the category Version history available on the ZEP website.

Companies that would like to test ZEP without obligation can do so within the framework of a fully functional 30-day trial version do.