ZEP and Personio: More and more companies are opting for this combination

Provantis and Personio have developed an interface that enables direct transfer of working hours and absences between ZEP and Personio.
Management consultancies rely on time recording

Almost exactly one year ago, provantis announced its cooperation with Personio, the provider of a cloud-based software solution for personnel management and recruiting. The result of this cooperation is an interface with which the working times recorded in ZEP can be transferred directly to Personio without additional manual effort.

The interface also enables the exchange of absences such as holidays, illnesses, etc. between both systems, and master data as well as new employees created in Personio can be automatically transferred to ZEP.

The ZEP interface is available in all Personio packages - Essential, Professional and Enterprise. As has become apparent in the meantime, this combination - especially in conjunction with the use of the ZEP Clock RFID terminal and the ZEP Clock App - is the optimal solution for many companies.

ZEP-Clock RFID terminal: combination of hardware and mobile app

Our ZEP-Clock RFID Terminal is a combination of a classic hardware terminal and a cloud-based time recording solution. "The classic time clock or punch clock is still indispensable in many companies today," explains Oliver Lieven, Managing Director of provantis IT Solutions. "The ECJ decision from 2019The introduction of the new regulations, which are intended to oblige employers to introduce systems for recording working time, has also ensured that the topic has moved into the focus of many companies. With our combination of hardware and time recording app, we offer the perfect solution.

ZEP Clock RFID Terminal with ZEP Clock

With the ZEP Clock RFID terminal, employees simply clock in or out of ZEP Clock using an RFID key fob or RFID card. The terminal displays the clock-in or clock-out and immediately transfers the clocking-in process to the ZEP Clock application.

Companies that already use ZEP Clock can integrate one or more ZEP Clock RFID terminals into their time recording system at any time. The terminal is set up in the ZEP Clock device management and can be used in addition to the ZEP Clock app. The use of ZEP Clock is web-based via an internet browser or via mobile apps, which are available for iOS and Android.

Personio: The HR operating system

Goal of Personio is, according to its own statements, to digitalise HR management in companies. The company, based in Munich, Madrid and London, offers holistic HR software for small and medium-sized enterprises with up to 2,000 employees. Almost 2,000 customers in over 40 countries are already successfully using Personio today. Personio's declared goal is, European market leader in this area.

Oliver Lieven explains: "We are pleased about the further growing success of our colleagues from Personio, because it naturally also has a positive effect on our cooperation. Especially for the combination of ZEP Clock RFID terminal, ZEP Clock App and Personio interface, we are seeing more and more interest, the number of companies opting for this complete solution is continuously increasing."

For more information on the ZEP Clock RFID terminal, please visit the Product page, further information on the Personio interface for ZEP is available on the ZEP website available.

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at provantis IT Solutions

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