ZEP Terminal: "Hardware from the Cloud

provantis IT Solutions offers the new ZEP Clock RFID terminal as a hardware product for the cloud-based time recording solutions ZEP and ZEP Clock. It enables "clocking in and out" with RFID key fobs or cards and can be used as a desktop or wall-mounted device.

Management consultancies rely on time recording

With the ZEP Clock RFID terminal, provantis IT Solutions is offering a hardware product for the first time. The new terminal was designed by provantis itself and can be rented immediately in conjunction with the cloud-based time recording solutions ZEP or ZEP Clock.

"The classic time clock or punch clock is still indispensable in many companies today. With the new ZEP Clock RFID Terminal, we now offer these companies the combination of a classic hardware terminal and a cloud-based time recording solution - and at an unbeatable price," explains Thilo Jahke, co-founder and managing director of provantis IT Solutions. He was responsible for the conception and implementation of the first hardware product from provantis.

The ZEP Clock RFID terminal can be used as a tabletop device or wall-mounted and operated via a WLAN connection or Ethernet cable. Employees are 'clocked in' via RFID key fobs or RFID cards on the terminal. The recorded times are then transferred either to the ZEP attendance module or the ZEP Clock working time recording.

"Whether gastronomy, medical practice or building cleaning: There are many application scenarios for time recording via ZEP Clock," adds Oliver Lieven, co-founder and managing director of provantis IT Solutions. "Until now, clocking in and out was only possible via the ZEP Clock app on the iPhone, smartphone or tablet. With the ZEP Clock RFID terminal, we now offer an additional option via a classic stationary terminal."

The monthly rental fee for the ZEP Clock RFID Terminal is 10 € plus VAT and shipping fee.

ZEP Clock RFID Terminal with ZEP Clock

With the ZEP Clock RFID terminal, employees simply clock in or out of ZEP Clock using an RFID key fob or RFID card. The terminal displays the clock-in or clock-out and immediately transfers the clocking-in process to the ZEP Clock application.

Companies that already use ZEP Clock can integrate one or more ZEP Clock RFID terminals into their time recording system at any time. The terminal is set up in the ZEP Clock device management and can be used in addition to the ZEP Clock app.

Further information

ZEP Clock RFID Terminal with ZEP

The additional module Presence is available for ZEP, with which employees can record their presence via the ZEP Clock App - and in the future also the ZEP Clock RFID Terminal. The module's "current attendance" overview can be used to call up which employee is currently present. The "Comes/Goes" evaluation enables the project times booked in ZEP to be compared with the attendance times booked in via the module. Discrepancies are thus quickly recognised and data entry errors are avoided - especially if the project times are only entered afterwards.

Further information on the module Attendance

ZEP Clock RFID Terminal: Scope of delivery and commissioning

The new ZEP Clock RFID terminal is supplied with a power supply unit and Ethernet network cable for connection to the Internet. A corresponding mounting set is included in the scope of delivery for wall mounting. However, the terminal can also be operated without mounting as a tabletop device via WLAN or Ethernet cable. In this case, only a power socket and, if necessary, an Ethernet connection are required.

The RFID key fobs or cards required for clocking in and out can also be ordered from provantis.

Optionally available are a Power over Ethernet (PoE) adapter according to IEEE 802.3af with micro USB connection as well as a flush-mounted power supply unit for wall mounting on an existing flush-mounted socket.

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at provantis IT Solutions

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