Project costs and turnover

Prices & Receipts

Define your prices and compare planned turnover with internal costs. You can record external costs as receipts and thus obtain the profitability of your projects at a glance.

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Recording of external costs

Third-party costs are recorded as receipts and allocated to individual projects.

  • Several individual amounts per receipt possible, also at different tax rates
  • Project-specific definition of the onward invoicing of documents to the customer
  • In the case of a different currency, conversion into the customer currency
  • Different service date possible for e.g. pre-booked flights

More functions

Professionalism through attention to detail

Costs and prices are often viewed differently - in ZEP we map many detailed functions:

  • Record both third-party costs, trips and expenses as receipts
  • Cost accounting of privately paid receipts for employees
  • Support of hourly rate and daily rate models per project
  • Set prices per employee and activity
  • Turnover and revenue analysis per project, customer and company

Your main advantages with this module:

  1. Full transparency for your customers through detailed invoice attachments
  2. Overview of the profitability of your projects, customers and your entire company
  3. Don't sell yourself short with prices per employee, project or even individual activities


Popular add-on module

  • Creation of invoice items for vouchers and additional subsistence costs
  • Reporting of additional subsistence costs and receipts in the invoice annex
  • Generation of a document PDF as an invoice attachment


Popular add-on module

  • Efforts of external employees for the actual total effort per project
  • Fast and efficient invoice verification with recorded times and cost rates
  • Direct credit from ZEP without invoices
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30 days non-binding

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