Project time tracking template for Excel

With this project plan template, you can plan your projects easily and free of charge using Excel.
The documentation of the projects is based on automated formulas and correlations.
By using the project planning template, you can fulfil the legal requirements.
Project time tracking template Excel

Use cases for the project time recording template

Record project times for several team members

Automatic evaluation per employee

Detailed overview of the individual project steps

FAQ's - Frequently asked questions about the project time tracking template:

  • The team members entered in the document header can be selected via a drop-down menu for the individual activities and appear at the bottom of the table
  • Once the date of the activity has been entered, the day of the week is automatically added and, in the case of a Saturday or Sunday, the row is coloured light grey
  • A date prior to the start of the project is not permitted
  • You only need to enter the start and end times and the break, the rest is filled in automatically
  • The automatically calculated working times per team member and the total accumulated project time are displayed at the end of the table

The free project time recording template offers the advantage of recording all project times in an Excel file. The Excel file can be extended to any number of employees and projects.

Yes, project time recording is ZEP's flagship product. ZEP Compact contains all the basic functions for detailed time recording of projects and can be expanded with countless additional functions and modules thanks to its modular structure.

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