Recording of working time

Accurate timekeeping is essential for the success of your business. It accurately documents employee hours, enables comprehensive evaluations and precise accounting. Our modern time recording software replaces manual timesheets and tracks times effortlessly, accurately and digitally.

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ZEP Working Time Recording Desktop and Smartphone

ZEP Terminal

At our self-produced ZEP terminal, you conveniently record your working hours by means of RFID chips or card when coming or leaving your workplace. Every hour of overtime is displayed directly when you clock in.


With ZEP, digital working time recording is secure! The working hours are available for you around the clock. We store all data in German data centres so that every performance record & personal data are secured in compliance with data protection!

Digital time clock

Manage your employees' working hours clearly, precisely & without tedious paperwork. Time recording is easy with our time recording software ZEP Clock. The manual filling in of timesheets is no longer necessary and optimises your workflows.

Record and manage working time

Record daily working time - Advantages

What are the advantages of daily recording of working hours? Compliance with the Working Hours Act as well as the requirements of the European Court of Justice and also the additions in the BAG ruling are guaranteed. With our time recording system, all judicial requirements of the ECJ as well as the specifications of the Federal Labour Court of September 2022 fulfilled. You get an overview of plus and minus hours. Recording working hours enables working time models, such as flexitime, whereby you can handle absence planning directly online. 

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Mobile time tracking

Via smartphone or tablet

Our digital time clock enables you to Time recording via app easy to take along. Your employees record their working hours directly on their mobile phones in the ZEP Clock App for Android and iOS and see their timesheet in real time. The recording of working hours can also be done on a tablet or web-based on a computer. All recorded working times in the cloud are automatically synchronised with the system. This ensures that no working time or break times of your employees are lost!

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Efficient time recording systems

From working time recording to holiday management

You want to know what our solution for pure working time recording has to offer? 

  • Seamless & to-the-minute time recording of employees without Excel spreadsheets
  • Mobile app enables exact recording of working time even in the field
  • Export quick evaluations as pdf, Word or OpenOffice
  • Absence management from the first day of leave
  • Stamping in and out possible at the terminal
  • Industry-independent tool for electronic time recording 
  • Trial version for at least Test 30 days free of charge
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The ZEP Working Time Recording offers these functions

Benefit from the advantages of a fully comprehensive time recording software & bring your team to peak performance! 

ZEP Clock fulfils the requirements of the legislation on compulsory time recording as well as the Minimum Wage Act (MiLoG), which has been in force since 1.1.2015 and stipulates in §17 the obligation to record time for marginally employed employees (mini-jobs).

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ZEP stands for time recording for projects and offers with the products ZEP Professional and ZEP Compact a powerful and intuitive software solution for project-oriented working time recording, travel expense accounting, project planning, project controlling, resource planning, invoicing and much more. The third product ZEP Clock is the software for working time recording.

Time recording is an essential part of any business to document employees' hours, evaluate them and then bill them correctly. Time tracking software replaces the traditional time clock and enables your employees to record their working hours easily and accurately. With the range of functions of our time recording system, you always keep an overview, e.g. of absences & project times.

With our time recording system, all judicial requirements of the ECJ as well as the specifications of the Federal Labour Court of September 2022 fulfilled. With our software solution, your time management is already legally compliant.

Yes, ZEP Working Time Recording works on smartphone, tablet and desktop. For the smartphone and tablet, there is the ZEP Clock app in the App Store and Google Play Store.

ZEP Clock is available from €1.50 per user. Read more in our Price overview.

In an increasingly digitalised corporate world, we want to ensure that ZEP harmonises with the rest of your IT infrastructure. In addition to our standardised SOAP interface, we are therefore constantly integrating new partners with direct interfaces. From Hubspot, Personio and Salesforce to the SOAP interface for data exchange with the rest of the world. Learn here everything about ZEP interfaces.

With ZEP you can capture 
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