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The ZEP App offers a convenient solution for recording project times & travel expenses from anywhere. The ZEP Clock app acts like a mobile time clock that records working times and transfers them to the ZEP software for management and evaluation.

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ZEP Time Recording App
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Project time recording for iOS & Android


The ZEP app offers you a convenient solution for the mobile recording of project times and travel expenses so that you retain maximum flexibility in the hectic day-to-day running of your project.

You can use the app to manage projects, employees and customers & generate standardised evaluations via the web-based front end. Absences can also be recorded via the app without having to access the web version. Other highlights include the recording of project times, receipts & business trips as well as the option to record meals for additional catering expenses.

Please note that the app requires an active licence for ZEP Compact or ZEP Professional in order to be used.

ZEP Project Time Recording App

Working time recording for iOS & Android

ZEP Clock App

The ZEP Clock app enables you to record working time on the move. Clock in, clock out, conveniently while on the move.

The app works like a mobile time clock, can be customised for different employees and offers functions such as offline use, individual PIN codes (keyword: data protection if the app is used centrally in team mode) or location transmission (if accepted and switched on).

Please note that the app requires an active licence from ZEP Clock in order to be used.

ZEP iPhone Dual

How to use the apps


  1. Set up the ZEP trial version.
  2. Download the ZEP app in the store for iOS or Android.
  3. In the ZEP test version under Profile > Interfaces > Mobile apps, scan the QR code with your mobile device & log in to your ZEP app.
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ZEP Clock App

ZEP Clock App
  1. Set up the ZEP Clock trial version.
  2. Download the ZEP Clock app in the store for iOS or Android.
  3. As admin in the ZEP Clock trial version under Administration > System > Device management, create a new device with which the app is to be used. User scans QR code to log in to the ZEP Clock app.
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Yes, both the ZEP app and the ZEP Clock app can be used offline. As soon as a connection to the internet is re-established, the recorded data is automatically synchronised with the ZEP version used.
No, both the download and the use of the apps are free of charge. This means you can conveniently manage your working day at any time while on the move. The functional scope of the app depends on the additional modules you have selected in your ZEP version.
Yes, any number of ZEP Clock apps can be connected to one account. A different number of employees can be assigned to each connected app so that you can use a tablet with the ZEP Clock app as a central time clock, for example.
Yes, you can easily assign all receipts (train tickets, taxi receipts, etc.) as a photo or pdf file to the corresponding project directly via the app if you use the additional module Travel Expenses in your ZEP version.

Yes, the ZEP app can also be used with the web version of ZEP Clock to manually record times and request absences (with the additional module Overtime, Absences & Leave).

Yes, you can use the ZEP Clock app with ZEP Compact & Professional if you have booked the additional module Attendance and only want to record working times via the app.