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bank management consult GmbH

bank management consult GmbH, based in Göttingen, is active in the field of management consulting for the banking and finance sector. Its core competencies lie in the lending and leasing business of automotive and retail banks, object financiers and leasing companies. The experts in Göttingen help their clients with content and concepts in the change of structural and process organisation as well as in questions in the context of risk management, regulation and compliance.
ZEP user reports

User-friendly tool

The team at bm consult GmbH has been using ZEP for project time recording for over 9 years now. Due to the pure project work of the experts, it was necessary from the beginning to record all project times in detail. In the beginning, this was done using manual tools - error-prone, time-consuming and not very efficient. In the meantime, ZEP Professional has arrived throughout the company and is used to record all projects from start to finish: From the creation of projects to master data maintenance and controlling. Tania Meyer - Finance & HR Manager - says: "I have rarely experienced a programme that is so user-friendly and accessible!"

Support helps with the knot in the head

Overall, the team gets along very well with the software solution for project time recording. If problems arise, they are usually solved quickly internally. And if the knot in their heads gets too big, the consultants call on ZEP support. Why? "More is not possible! No matter what questions we have, the support is always nice, competent and reacts incredibly fast. Others can take a leaf out of their book!" Tania Meyer enthuses.

ZEP Professional's module diversity simplifies the entire workflow. The accounting department, in particular, is pleased to be able to complete invoicing with a click of the mouse, so to speak, without having to fight through a jungle of paperwork. The ZEP App also contributes to a smooth workflow. The advisors can enter their receipts directly for the right project - simply take a photo, upload it to the app, and you're done!

Final conclusion

"We zepen because it's just easy!" - Tania Meyer - Finance & HR Manager bank management consult GmbH.

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bank management consult GmbH

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