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tm concept ag, based in Aarau, was founded in 2000. The Swiss service company supports its customers primarily in the business fields of communication technology, general planning and quality management for mobile and fixed network systems.

Since the beginning of 2011, it has been using the time recording and project management software (ZEP) of the company provantis IT Solutions GmbH at its locations.

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Efficient project management

tm concept ag offers a range of services throughout Switzerland, such as technical field services for radio and communication networks and infrastructure buildings. As a result, the company's 41 employees, including 39 telecommunication staff and two architects, are often on site for projects. "In 2010, there were two to three projects where staff had to work directly at the client's premises and staff were therefore regularly absent"Daniel Berchtold, Head of Fixed Network, explains. Keeping track of the project hours of these employees was very time-consuming. In addition, the newly opened branch office in Landquart brought with it another large time commitment, as the project hours of these employees had to be recorded centrally.

Web-based solution ZEP

Daniel Berchtold therefore decided to look for a web-based solution so that employees could constantly access project hours while on the road. After reviewing around 15 competitors, he chose ZEP because he found the tool to be "good value for money". "The web-based SAP solutions were too costly for our company".he adds.

Low implementation effort

Daniel Berchtold familiarised himself with ZEP himself at the end of 2010 with the test access and then checked step by step which modules were suitable for the company. He rented these from provantis IT Solutions GmbH as "Software as a Service" (SaaS) and put them into operation from the beginning of 2011.

When introducing the software, they had to "grit their teeth", says Berchtold. Four division managers of the company first recorded their projects and employees. This introduction phase took about eight man-days. The effort was significantly less in comparison to the Excel solution previously used: "For Excel we needed five to seven working days every year, with ZEP we only have the effort once"says the fixed network expert. It was also one of the few smooth software projects, says Berchtold.

Probation in practice

The Aarau-based service company uses the modular ZEP software for time and holiday recording as well as for project management. It is also used to exchange data in PDF and CSV formats. In addition to time recording on the road, the uncomplicated handling and clarity of ZEP have particularly convinced tm concept ag. "ZEP opens up quickly and is well thought out".Berchtold notes. The hours were easy to record, even those of part-time employees. Therefore, the working hours of 60 or 80 per cent employees could be integrated into the system without any problems. "Planning is now also transparent for the management and project management".Berchtold adds. Previously, this was only the case to a limited extent.

Mobile time recording with the iPhone

For mobile use, the company mainly relies on the iPhone. According to Berchtold, ZEP works in principle with the iPhone, but the iPhone version is less stable when it comes to synchronising data. However, the manufacturer is already working on new apps. Berchtold emphasises: "What I have criticised is complaining at a high level. I am very happy with ZEP and another solution is out of the question for us."

User service

Since the structure and functions of ZEP are simple and self-explanatory, the service company rarely makes use of the user service, for example manuals, internet FAQ and programme help. "I need little support"says the head of the fixed network division. If the service company still needs help, the IT experts in Ditzingen are very easy to reach via the hotline and provide expert assistance.

A look into the future

tm concept ag still wants to leave the purchase of ZEP open. According to Daniel Berchtold, the decision for a possible purchase of the software is linked to the question of tm concept's future company size. Only in the case of a larger company can Daniel Berchtold imagine acquiring ZEP as well.

tm concept ag would definitely like to use the tool. "It is fun to work with ZEP. I recommend the product to everyone".Daniel Berchtold concludes.

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