VetControl GmbH

VetControl GmbH

Service provider that digitises vet bills for insurance companies. What does that mean? The customer submits his veterinary bill to his insurance company, which in turn sends the bill to VetControl. There, the invoices run through an "artificial intelligence" to be digitally processed. Almost 80% of the submitted invoices are processed darkly. VetControl thus has a monopoly position in this area, as there is currently no other service provider. The order workload is accordingly very high, so that the employees can fully concentrate on their tasks without having to spend a lot of time in time recording. Because: Germany's animals are sick. VetControl processes up to 1,500 vet bills - per day!

The overall package from ZEP is convincing

VetControl has been using ZEP Clock since May 2022 - Due to a continuous growth of the company, a tool was needed that covers pure time recording, but also enables possibilities for further planning - such as holidays, overtime, etc. The requirement was that both the employees in the office and those in the home office could record their times equally. The requirement was that both the employees in the office and those in the home office could record their times equally and with a single tool. "After a thorough search, we were simply convinced by ZEP Clock's total package," says Angela Schiafone, account manager at VetControl.

It's all in the mix - using ZEP Clock in the web and app

Especially the possibility of web-based use in combination or in addition with the app makes clocking in and out very easy. Employees in the home office mainly use the web-based solution. Those who come into the office clock in and out via ZEP Terminal or via the app. "The installation of the terminal was easier than expected. The well thought-out instructions made it very easy for us to put the terminal into operation straight away." This way, ZEP integrates seamlessly into the daily work routine. Everyone has their own routine and, thanks to the flexibility of the tool, can clock in or out very easily - without any extra effort. The constant growth of the company has made the acquisition of a simple but comprehensive tool necessary. "ZEP grows with our company and our individual requirements. And we think that's great," Schiafone continues. Despite growing requirements, the tool remains easy to handle. That is convincing!

"Business growth is not an obstacle for ZEP Clock".

Due to the monopoly position in the field of digitising veterinary invoices, more and more insurance companies are becoming aware of VetControl. The large number of invoices can no longer be handled by a small team - so the company grows. With a larger volume of work, time recording needs to be kept as simple as possible, but reliable. Working in different teams on different projects demands a lot of flexibility and concentration from the employees.

VetControl GmbH

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