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The name XLC or Crossload Consulting comes from the specialisation in migrations - in this case specifically with SAP HANA DB as the target. As a freshly founded start-up (2019), consisting of SAP experts with decades of experience in SAP projects for well-known and large end customers, the IT experts from Düsseldorf have set themselves the goal of opening a new chapter in SAP consulting through in-depth SAP HANA knowledge. Genuine SAP HANA DB specialists are very rare on the market and consulting firms that deal exclusively with this are more than rare. At XLC, some of these few experts are united and bundle their knowledge to be able to successfully design customer projects. The added value for customers consists - in addition to the accumulated expertise - of the tools that the IT experts use for performance analyses as well as for configuration and maintenance of the HANA DB.
ZEP user reports

Focus on process automation

When it came to project time recording, Managing Director Daniel Besner was initially looking for a cloud-based SaaS solution. Not least because of the service-oriented project work. After in-depth tests with various tools, ZEP remained in the end. Why? "Because the tool offers a lot of functions that we need in our everyday work, especially in terms of project management," says Besner. Pure time recording came on top with the BAG ruling of 2022. Where previously trust-based working time prevailed, employees can now record their times completely with ZEP - which does not detract from the basis of trust. Thus, this process is also automated - entirely in the company's interest. "We want to do as little as possible manually and are pleased that ZEP supports us in process automation. ZEP is our central tool for this and we find the time clock to be a very charming solution for fulfilling the legal requirements," says Mr Besner happily.

Quality as a core competence

ZEP is the central tool for the Düsseldorf SAP experts' project work. Functions that the tool does not offer are supplemented by various workarounds so that the processes run like clockwork. "The quality standard always has the highest priority!" From the preparation of quotations to importing into individual projects and dynamic invoicing, the entire project management is covered by a single tool - ZEP. This pleases management and staff alike. Most importantly, the ZEP app gives staff the ability to upload travel expense receipts directly to a specific project, without the hassle of paperwork. "The receipts are directly where they belong and don't have to go through several hands before they arrive in the accounting department. This feature alone saves us a lot of time and nerves," says Daniel Besner.

Final conclusion

"We zepen because the tool is very transparent and simplifies our entire project time recording!" - Daniel Besner, Managing Director XLC - Crossload Consulting GmbH.

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