ZEP ticket system: Tickets, tasks & to-dos

Divide projects into individual tasks for your employees or receive support requests from your customers directly as tickets. Link them to predefined planned hours so that you stay perfectly on time!

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ZEP ticket system

Tickets and subtasks

Recording of external costs

  • Assignment of tickets to projects
  • Subtasks for the breakdown of tickets
  • Work time tracking Directly on tickets and subtasks (also possible via smartphone app)
  • Planning the time required for processing
  • Assignment of ticket categories for professional workflows
  • Configurable notifications for team editing
  • Templates for standardised mails for tickets
  • Ticket system with time recording

More functions

Ticket workflow with mailboxes

  • Creation of mailboxes for receiving tickets
  • Automatic conversion of e-mails into tickets
  • Sending comments per ticket by mail
  • Enable the connection of other ticket systems

Optional customer access

  • ZEP access to the ticket system for your customers 
  • Enable customers to create tickets
  • Simplify customer feedback by viewing, accepting and rejecting a ticket status


Popular add-on module

  • Billing of tickets as separate invoice items
  • Generation of a detailed invoice file with attachment

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Resource planning

Popular add-on module

  • Staff planning according to their availability across projects
  • Work packages per employee, for workload control with traffic light system

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#1 Software for Project time tracking
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With ZEP, you can divide projects into individual tasks and record your customers' support requests directly as tickets. This enables efficient management of project tasks and support processes.

ZEP enables the recording of external costs, the assignment of tickets to projects, the subdivision of tickets by subtasks and the direct Project time trackingincluding a smartphone app. This allows you to keep an overview and stay perfectly on time.

The time planning function allows you to link predefined hours to tickets. With the additional module Resource planning you also have the option of organising your employee planning in detail according to their cross-project availability.

ZEP offers a comprehensive ticket workflow with mailboxes, the creation of mailboxes for receiving tickets, the automatic conversion of emails into tickets and the connection of other ticket systems. Optionally, your customers can actively participate in the ticket system via an access point.

ZEP enables optional customer access to the ticket system. Your customers can create tickets, provide feedback and view, accept or reject the status of their tickets. This allows you to manage all customer enquiries easily and clearly.

The ticket system is available for the ZEP Compact and ZEP Professional programmes. The price depends on the number of users per month. In our Price calculator you can clearly display your individual monthly premium.