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ZEP stands for time recording for projects and offers with the two products ZEP Professional and ZEP Compact a powerful and intuitive software solution for project-oriented working time recording, travel expense accounting, project planning, project controlling, resource planning, invoicing and much more.

ZEP Clock is a solution for pure working time recording without project reference. ZEP Clock can be used to comply with the obligation to record working hours, especially of marginally employed staff in accordance with the Minimum Wage Act (MiLoG).

Because time is money. Your focus should be on your daily business and not on administrative activities. Especially if you work for your customers and clients on a project-oriented basis and ultimately invoice your working hours, it is important for the successful implementation of the project to have an overview of the hours worked at all times and to account for them precisely and completely. Excel sheets or timesheets quickly become confusing, error-prone and time-consuming to handle and evaluate.

ZEP is a cloud-based SaaS product that you rent on a monthly basis. The costs of ZEP depend on the Product line, the required Additional modules and the number of users who are active in ZEP. Precise information is provided by the Price calculator.

None! On the one hand, there are usually no costs for the implementation of ZEP as standard software and on the other hand our Telephone and Mail Support is free of charge for you.

You can reach our support team on +49 (0)7156-43623-0 between 9:00 and 16:00, often also outside these hours. You are also welcome to send us your questions and suggestions by e-mail to

During an online presentation, we will demonstrate ZEP to you and your colleagues in an approximately one-hour appointment based on your requirements and answer your questions. It is helpful - but not necessary - if you have prepared yourself in advance by means of a Trial version already familiarised with ZEP and have concrete questions and problems that we can then go through with you.

When registering for a ZEP test version you can indicate your wish for an online presentation so that we can contact you directly to arrange an appointment. Of course, you can also send us your request for an online presentation at any time. by telephone or e-mail share.

Yes, ZEP is an intuitive software. Despite our extensive range of functions, all functions are logically connected and can be easily understood without training. For your administrators, the online presentation we offer is suitable for getting started with ZEP. The other users use fewer functions in ZEP and can therefore be instructed by your administrators.

Yes, you can find introductory and training videos for ZEP on our YouTube channel.

Yes. ZEP is able to offer a wide range of Additional modules can be adapted to your individual needs and thus map all the processes in your company from order planning and time recording to accounting.

ZEP is currently used by over 1,300 companies with over 35,000 users in various industries in 12 countries. You can find an excerpt of our customers in the Field reports.

Yes. Information on the use of ZEP in companies in different sectors can be found at the Field reports. We will also be happy to name reference customers from your industry who are available as contacts for exchanging experiences.

ZEP can be used without installation in the web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera) and on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). For even more optimal mobile use in the home office or on business trips, we also offer apps for iOS and Android devices.

ZEP Compact offers a good introduction to project data entry and evaluations based on it.
ZEP Professional offers, in addition to project time recording, the possibility of accounting and comprehensive project management from a central system. You can find more information on the Product pages.

ZEP lives by the motto: "From practice for practice" and is continuously developed further, taking into account the suggestions and wishes of our customers. Every year there are Several major releases and smaller interim releases that contain numerous new functions and improvements. 
Before the major releases, we will inform you as a tenant in good time about an upcoming update and the new features.

Trial version

Yes, you have the opportunity to test ZEP free of charge and without obligation. Simply apply for your Trial version via the website. This is available to you personally and exclusively for 30 days. You define the scope of functions initially when you apply and can also adjust this later at any time within the test version.

You will find a first overview of how to get started with ZEP in the integrated online help. We would also be happy to show you ZEP in an online presentation to help you get started.

In your Trial version you will find the menu item "My test version" in the top right-hand corner, where you can select the different ZEP variants and modules can select and try out.

Yes, convince yourself of each module and experience the advantages for your daily business. We therefore switch each Add-on module free of charge for testing. If required, please contact our support.

The Trial version is available to you completely free of charge and without obligation for 30 days. Since delays can occur in exceptional cases such as illness, holidays or longer internal decision-making processes, we are accommodating with individual extension requests. To do so, please go to our Support to.

Yes. If you decide to use ZEP after the test, you can tell us whether you want to continue using the data you have already collected or whether you want to start with a new ZEP.

If you decide to use ZEP, you can choose whether you want to take over your test data or prefer to start with an empty version. Otherwise, your data will be automatically deleted after the test licence expires.

Simply write us a short E-mail with your address data and the desired ZEP version, the Additional modules and the number of employees. We will then email you a contract, which you must sign and return to us. Your CEP will be activated for you shortly after receipt of the contract.


Our rental variant (SaaS) is the "all-round carefree" variant with which you are ready to start immediately. You don't have to worry about the right hardware and software environment, installing software, updating it or backing up data. We take care of all that for you. What's more, you only pay for what you really need, because you pay monthly for users and Modules can add and unsubscribe.

The rental includes the operation of your ZEP, data backup as well as regular updates to keep you up to date with the latest developments. Our support is always available to answer your questions free of charge.

No, there is no minimum contract period. ZEP can be cancelled at any time at the end of the month.

Invoices are issued quarterly in advance. You will receive the invoices at your preferred e-mail address. Payment is made by direct debit. In the event of termination, the overpaid rent will be refunded on a pro rata basis.

Yes. Data protection is a very important concern for us and so we regularly put our IT infrastructure to the test to ensure our DSGVO compliance. You can find more information on our dedicated page on this topic.

Yes, with ZEP you can react flexibly to developments in your company: New employees or additional ZEP modules for more functionality can be added at any time and activated at short notice.

Yes, this is possible without any problems and can be activated at short notice. Your data will remain unaffected. However, when switching to a smaller product line, the range of functions may be limited so that certain data is no longer required.

Yes, with the rental you are completely flexible in both directions of your licensing and thus only pay for what you really need. Simply let us know if you wish to reduce the number of users or Modules you no longer need. Your CEP will then be adjusted accordingly.

Your ZEP is accessible via the domain The URL specific to your company should be given to you by your company's internal ZEP administrators. They will also give you your user name and password.


Yes, just let us know your special adaptation or extension requests. We will check them for feasibility and create an individual offer for you. If your requirements are relevant for all our customers, we will take them into account in the release planning and make them available to you and the other ZEP users free of charge in one of the next releases.

Yes. In ZEP you can store your own stationery in the system and thus support a professional and uniform company appearance. With the Invoice module all invoices and reminders are then automatically created on this stationery. In conjunction with the Departments module different stationery can also be stored for each location or department.

Yes, ZEP can also be used in a user-friendly way on the iPad. For smaller mobile devices we recommend our apps.

Yes, with our iOS and Android apps we also enable you to use ZEP on the move. The apps for ZEP or ZEP Clock can be found in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

With our 3 product lines ZEP Professional, Compact and Clock we offer the right time recording solution for every need. Because time recording can range from pure working time recording (ZEP Clock) to comprehensive project time recording (ZEP Professional) have very different dimensions. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right Product line and the associated Additional modules.