Time sheet template
for Excel & PDF

Use this template to record your working hours easily and free of charge. Recording working hours is mandatory for companies and can also be done in Excel or on paper. With this free template, you can fulfil legal requirements cost-effectively.

Time sheet template Excel PDF

Use cases of the time sheet template

Have employees' working hours recorded

Can be used regardless of the working time model

Have working hours approved with signature

FAQ's - Frequently asked questions:

With this free time sheet template, you can record your working hours quickly and easily. Because: The mandatory time recording can also be done digitally using Excel or with a PDF template on paper.

The time sheet template offers the advantage of recording employee working times flexibly and can be used regardless of the working time model. There is also the option of securing recorded working times with a signature, which guarantees additional protection and legally valid confirmation.

Yes, because with this time sheet template in Excel or PDF, you and your employees can record all working and break times in hh:mm format. By entering this data, the actual working time is calculated automatically.

Yes, time recording with ZEP guarantees a clear overview of manually recorded times in small and large teams. This means you always have an overview of all your team's timesheets.

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