Timesheet template
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With this timesheet template, you can master the internal documentation of hours worked per employee. Employees can use it to track their total hours and keep track of any overtime. This is because the recording of working hours is required by law.

Timesheet template Excel PDF

Use cases of the timesheet template

Have time expenditure verifiably recorded

Document project times and small orders

Record working hours with activities

FAQ's - Frequently asked questions:

With this free timesheet template in Excel or PDF, you can keep track of all the hours worked by each team member. The timesheet template also provides a better overview of overtime worked and also fulfils all time recording requirements.

All employees can record their time expenditure in a verifiable manner and document project times as well as small orders with the timesheet template. In addition, this timesheet template in Excel or PDF offers the option of recording working times including the activities performed.

Yes, because you record all working times in hh:mm format. The actual working time is calculated automatically using the formulas provided. In this timesheet template, you can optionally add remarks for illness or holidays.

Yes, the ZEP digital timesheets provide a clear overview of manually recorded working times - regardless of the team size. And even with increasing data volumes, ZEP ensures that clarity is maintained.

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Digital timesheets made easy with ZEP

As the amount of data increases, the clear visualisation of manually recorded times is becoming an ever greater challenge. With the digital timesheets in ZEP, you always have an overview. In both small and large teams.