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Forbeyond was created through a merger of several consulting companies. As a service company in the classic sense, forbeyond advises companies on product data, PIM systems and CRM systems, among other things. The focus here is on the area of product information management. The company's own software, which was launched last year, deals with the topic of mapping & onboarding, among other things of supplier data and the associated transformation and integration on the corresponding retailer platforms.
ZEP user reports

Fire and flame from the start

The merger with PIM Consult paved the way for ZEP, as the company was already using ZEP before the merger. Confidence in the tool was high, so ZEP was extended to all sub-areas and implemented. Now the entire company uses ZEP. Why? "The accounting is super easy and I don't have to do anything manually or link anything," says Marie Albrand, who is responsible for Finance & Controlling. The icing on the cake is ZEP Support, because "we can always rely on your colleagues. We give the support 10 out of 10 points," says Albrand.

Criticism fuels progress

When it comes to creating offers and offer templates, the team of consultants would like to see a little more flexibility in ZEP. "But here, too, ZEP's telephone support always helps us very competently when we come across something we can't solve ourselves," says Marie Albrand. However, the points of criticism can be worked around with a few small work-arounds so that everything works as it should.

Love is in the air

A change process always takes a certain amount of time, but the employees who get involved and are open to a new system get along wonderfully with ZEP. Feedback such as "I love ZEP!" is sometimes given when employees use the tool intuitively and as a matter of course. "The majority of our team has really made friends with ZEP," says Albrand. Stamping is done on a basis of trust, with each employee tracking his or her own time - in keeping with the New Work philosophy of personal responsibility.

Final conclusion

"We zepen because this way we can link all three companies wonderfully with each other and charge them automatically," Marie Albrand, responsible for Finance & Controlling at forbeyond, is pleased to say.

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