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Since 2000, ZEP - now in its second generation - has been continuously developing to provide the right software solution for the times and projects of every business. ZEP is one of the leading solutions in the areas of working time recording, project time recording and professional services automation.

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About ZEP GmbH

For many years, computer scientists Thilo Jahke and Oliver Lieven supported medium-sized and large companies as consultants and project managers. In 2000, they founded provantis IT Solutions with the aim of realising a solution for recording working times on projects using modern web technology and became one of the pioneers in the field of Software-as-a-Service with the start of development of ZEP. With the generational change in management by Benny Hahn and Christian Bopp, the future as an owner-managed company is secured. At the beginning of 2024, provantis IT solutions GmbH became ZEP GmbH. A renaming that brings the company, the product and its customers even closer together.

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The team

As experts in time tracking, our team is always looking to simplify the operational processes of our customers. Below you will find a selection of your contacts when it comes to your time tracking.


Benny Hahn

Managing Director

Sales, Support, Marketing

Christian Bopp ZEP CEO

Christian Bopp

Managing Director

Product, HR, Finance

Oliver Lieven ZEP Software Development

Oliver Lieven

Founder & Technical Director

Software development

Angela Zuern ZEP Sales Support

Angela Zürn

Senior Customer Success Manager

Anna Canova ZEP Sales Support

Anna Canova

Customer Success Manager

Dominik Koepke

Dominik Koepke

Senior Customer Success Manager

Fred Uplegger Customer Success ZEP

Fred Uplegger

Senior Customer Success Manager

Sandy Mueller Sales and Support ZEP

Sandy Müller

Customer Success Manager

Tanja Eggert ZEP Sales Support

Tanja Eggert

Senior Customer Success Manager

William Döring

William Döring

Customer Success Manager

Because only time creates real values

We as a team have been working on our time tracking solutions for and with our customers for over 20 years.

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