Our time recording terminal

Record working times reliably & securely!
Our time recording terminal offers a simple, space-saving solution that not only fulfils the legal requirements of the BAG ruling, but also ensures efficient and transparent processes.

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ZEP Terminal
Made in Germany

Self-produced for the highest quality - from the housing to the technology

Flexible rental option

From as little as €15/month & without high acquisition costs

Complete accessories package

RFID chips & wall mounting set at favourable one-off prices

Clocking in and out
Directly on site

Our self-produced ZEP time recording terminal

With our ZEP terminal, your employees can easily clock in and out using an RFID key fob (type Mifare DESfire EVI or EV2 or the ISO14443A standard - with a frequency of 13.56 MH2) or card.

All you need to use it is a power connection and an internet connection. You have the choice of integrating the time recording terminal into your network wirelessly via WLAN or connecting it via LAN cable - both are possible thanks to our technology.

ZEP Terminal WLAN

Step by step instructions

To install the time recording terminal

To use the ZEP terminal, you need a valid ZEP Clock licence or the additional Presence module if you use ZEP Compact or Professional. And this is how you put your terminal into operation:

You need a power socket and a stable Internet connection via WLAN or LAN cable.

On delivery, the time recording terminal is configured for your ZEP & the connection via DHCP.

After configuration via smartphone or laptop, your terminal is ready for operation

Detailed installation instructions are included with each terminal on despatch.

Functions & accessories

The ZEP time recording terminal does not require high acquisition costs

With our time recording terminal, you can replace the Excel/Word combination for recording your working time. The monthly rental fee of EUR 15 pays off, because the terminal offers you the following functions:

Of course, we have also thought of the necessary accessories, which you can purchase directly from us at affordable one-off prices*:


RFID chips (10 pieces)

PoE wall mounting

PoE wall mounting kit

PoE adapter

PoE adapter

Flush-mounted power supply unit

Flush-mounted power supply unit


We do not throw away

Our time recording terminals are manufactured in several individual parts using our own 3D printer. Thanks to a slower printing speed, we ensure consistently high quality.

In addition, our refurbishment approach enables all individual parts to be replaced so that returned terminals can continue to be used without any compromises.

ZEP Recycling Sustainability

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