Cooperation with external staff


Do you regularly work with freelancers on your projects? Simplify your collaboration by working together in a ZEP and paying out tracked time spent directly as credits.

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Integration of freelancers

Features for every need

  • Marking employees as freelancers
  • Choice of whether a freelancer invoices or receives credit notes
  • Store internal hourly and daily rates per employee
  • Adapt hourly and daily rates to project-specific needs as well
  • Evaluation for the overview of created credit notes

Credit note procedure

Simplified billing

With credit notes, you bill freelance staff time directly from ZEP and save yourself the invoicing process:

  • Creation and storage of credit notes to freelancers based on the time bookings
  • Configuration of VAT and currency for the credit note
  • Automatic numbering of credit notes in configurable format

Export for accounting

Popular add-on module

  • Deposit of special expense accounts for freelancers (remuneration, receipts, etc.)
  • Deposit of special tax keys (BU) for freelancers


Popular add-on module

  • Credit notes do not affect invoicing to customers
  • Configurable invoice formats and attachments
  • Automated invoicing

FAQ's - Frequently asked questions:

By labelling employees as freelancers, ZEP enables efficient collaboration with freelancers. Projects can be processed together in the same system and you can pay out recorded time expenditure directly as credit notes.

ZEP allows the option of whether a freelancer issues invoices or receives credit notes. Internal hourly and daily rates can be stored for each employee and can be customised for specific projects. An evaluation provides an overview of the credit notes issued.

By creating and saving credit notes based on time bookings, you save yourself the conventional invoicing process. You can also configure the VAT and currency for the credit note. Automatic numbering takes place in a customisable format.

The direct payment of credit notes from ZEP offers the advantage of saving you the conventional invoicing process. The credit notes are created and saved based on the time bookings, which reduces time and effort.

ZEP offers maximum flexibility in the customisation of hourly and daily rates for freelancers. The internally stored rates can be adapted to suit specific projects as required.

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