Cooperation with external staff


Do you regularly work with freelancers on your projects? Simplify your collaboration by working together in a ZEP and paying out tracked time spent directly as credits.

30 days non-binding

Integration of freelancers

Features for every need

  • Marking employees as freelancers
  • Choice of whether a freelancer invoices or receives credit notes
  • Store internal hourly and daily rates per employee
  • Adapt hourly and daily rates to project-specific needs as well
  • Evaluation for the overview of created credit notes

Credit note procedure

Simplified billing

With credit notes, you bill freelance staff time directly from ZEP and save yourself the invoicing process:

  • Creation and storage of credit notes to freelancers based on the time bookings
  • Configuration of VAT and currency for the credit note
  • Automatic numbering of credit notes in configurable format

Export for accounting

Popular add-on module

  • Deposit of special expense accounts for freelancers (remuneration, receipts, etc.)
  • Deposit of special tax keys (BU) for freelancers


Popular add-on module

  • Credit notes do not affect invoicing to customers
  • Configurable invoice formats and attachments
  • Automated invoicing
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30 days non-binding

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