Directly bill times & expenses


From simple invoicing to the creation of individual payment plans for projects and clients. With this module, the expenses recorded in ZEP can be invoiced directly and configured to the requirements of the accounting department.

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Scope of functions

Accounting's best friend

Never again forget to invoice services rendered for your projects:
  • Billing of individual or multiple projects of a client
  • Invoicing of expenses according to hourly and daily rates or at a fixed price
  • Settlement of receipts and travel expenses
  • Project-specific level of detail of the invoice down to individual employees
  • Detailed invoice annex with accounted times and receipts
  • Preparation of lump sum and fixed price invoices
  • Invoicing with progress payments and final invoice
  • Support for incoming credit notes and credit notes on the credit side
  • Invoicing planning already possible from project creation
  • Definition of payment plans through monthly, quarterly, annually recurring invoice items
  • Reminder of expenses not yet settled in ZEP
  • Four-eyes principle for checking and approving invoice items by project management
  • Freezing of settled time bookings and receipts after invoicing
  • Dunning with payment reminders and follow-up


Diverse insights behind the scenes

  • Invoice items: Overview of invoice items due for settlement
  • Missing invoice items: Overview of work performed that has not yet been included on any invoice.
  • Invoices: Overview of invoices issued
  • Open items: Overview of invoices and reminders that have been issued but not yet paid.
  • Incoming payments: Documentation of paid invoices
  • Turnover forecast: Shows the expected turnover based on planned income and time worked
  • Work in progress: Accrual of services on a key date (on the basis of billable working hours booked)
  • Overall status of billing document: Comparison of planned figures (hours, costs) with the services billed with the billing document.


Meeting your customer requirements

  • Support of XInvoice or ZUGFeRD 2.1 for electronic invoices
  • Output of payment code, PayPal.Me link and SwissQR code on invoices possible
  • Invoicing in customer currency and, if required, with conversion of foreign currencies


  • Configurable consecutive invoice numbers
  • Invoice dispatch by e-mail
  • Automated text modules for invoice items
  • Definition of a payment target per customer
  • Definition of percentage surcharges or discounts

Export for accounting

Popular add-on module

  • Export of invoice data for DATEV, Lexware and other accounting systems
  • Selection of revenue accounts during settlement

Tickets, Tasks & To-dos

Popular add-on module

  • Possibility of billing individual tickets
  • Definition of planned time expenditures for tickets and subtasks

Departments, Branches & Locations

Popular add-on module

  • Own invoice paper per department
  • Own invoice number range per department

FAQ's - Frequently asked questions:

From the invoicing of individual or multiple projects of a customer to the detailed invoice with billed times and receipts, invoicing in ZEP offers a wide range of functions that simplify the process.

ZEP enables the billing of expenses according to hourly and daily rates or at a fixed price. This offers the flexibility to choose different billing methods depending on the project requirements.

ZEP allows you to define payment plans with monthly, quarterly or annually recurring invoice items. You can define these individual payment plans right from the project creation stage in order to optimise your invoicing planning.

ZEP offers a wide range of insights behind the scenes of financial processes. From the overview of invoice items pending settlement to the documentation of paid invoices, the analysability enables comprehensive controlling.

ZEP enables the support of XRechnung or ZUGFeRD 2.1 for electronic invoices. It also offers the output of payment codes, PayPal.Me links and SwissQR codes on invoices.

Sending invoices by email is configurable and automated text modules simplify the creation of invoice items. The definition of payment terms per customer and percentage surcharges or discounts can also be flexibly configured.

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