Map administrative processes digitally

Overtime, Absences & Holidays

Manage overtime, holidays and absences for the entire team directly in ZEP. Keep track of when which employees are absent and automatically keep an overtime account for each employee.

30 days non-binding


Store a regular working time per employee to keep an overtime account:
  • Automatic overtime recognition through comparison with time recording
  • Automatic mechanisms for calculating and compensating overtime
  • Request time off for overtime reduction directly in the calendar


Managing and knowing absences makes scheduling in ZEP even easier:

  • Quick and clear recording of absences in the calendar
  • Absence categories differentiated into paid and unpaid absence (illness, parental leave, etc.)
  • Configurable approval process


Always have an overview of who is on holiday and when, and how much holiday is left:
  • Quick and clear holiday application in the calendar
  • Sending a leave request when approval is required
  • Automatic notifications to selected recipients when leave is requested

Your administrative tasks simply digitised:

  1. Absence overview: all absences in one evaluation to better plan for holidays and absences
  2. Calendar: Integration into other programmes for simplified access
  3. Monthly and year-end closing: Overview of the current booking status and blocking of times
  4. Ready-made evaluations: Compare target and actual working times, break overview, etc.
  5. Automatic overtime capping: if an absolute or percentage number of overtime hours is included in employment contracts

Resource planning

Popular Add-on module

  • Staff planning according to their availability across projects
  • Work packages per employee, for workload control with traffic light system


Popular add-on module

  • Record attendance times via browser, app or time clock
  • Record project times even faster and easier by means of preassignment

FAQ's - Frequently asked questions:

Yes, ZEP enables the storage of a standard working time for each employee, automatic overtime recognition through comparison with time recording and mechanisms for calculating and compensating overtime. Time off in lieu can be requested directly in the calendar.

ZEP offers fast and clear absence recording in the calendar, differentiates absence categories into paid and unpaid absences (e.g. illness, parental leave) and enables a configurable authorisation process.

ZEP allows holiday requests to be made quickly and clearly in the calendar. If approval is required, the leave request can be sent and automatic notifications inform selected recipients about requested leave. The remaining holiday is always visible.

ZEP digitalises administrative tasks with an absence overview that shows all absences in an evaluation. The calendar can be integrated into other programmes. Monthly and annual financial statements provide an overview of the booking status. Pre-prepared analyses facilitate the analysis.

Yes, ZEP offers automatic overtime capping if an absolute or percentage number of overtime hours is included in employment contracts. This enables compliance with contractual agreements and optimises working time regulations.

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