Holiday planner template
for Excel & PDF

With this calendar view template available in Excel or PDF, you can plan holidays in a team. For the current calendar year, it allows you to plan the holiday of up to 20 employees in parallel. The total holiday entitlement, the entitlement taken and the remaining holiday are calculated automatically.

Holiday planning template Excel PDF

Use cases holiday planning template

Cross-team and transparent holiday planning

Comply with and track holiday entitlements

Control capacity utilisation and availability

FAQ's - Frequently asked questions about the holiday planner:

The available calendar view allows you to plan holidays for the entire team (with up to 20 employees) in this template. The individual remaining leave days are calculated automatically using stored formulas.

Enter the remaining holiday from the previous year and the holiday entitlement for the current year in the front section of the table. Mark the days on which employees have requested leave with an X, without differentiating between weekends, public holidays and weekdays. The front columns for leave taken and remaining leave are automatically calculated in real time.

The holiday planning template provides a transparent & cross-team overview. This allows you to keep an eye on the team's workload and to comply with and easily track holiday entitlements.

Yes! In ZEP, you and your team can plan your holidays together digitally. It's quick and easy to do. Thanks to the graphical display, every team member can immediately see who is absent and when.

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Clear and digital holiday planning with ZEP

If you don't want to leave holiday planning to chance, you can also rely on ZEP. You can use ZEP to plan holidays digitally as a team and keep an eye on who is absent and when. With the clear visualisations in ZEP, every colleague always has an overview. In both small and large teams.