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ZEP's project time recording allows you to control costs and increase your efficiency. Analysing, invoicing or adding hours that you have worked - with ZEP you can improve your work processes and thus work even more productively.

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ZEP Project Time Recording Desktop and Smartphone
Central tool

For us, project time recording means over 20 years of experience with the flair of a start-up.
Our software is efficient, detailed & your central tool for project time recording, project planning & project management.

Modular principle

With our add-on modules, you really only pay for what you need & save your budget.
You can record project times, absences and project hours with just a few clicks. You always retain full cost control and project controlling at a glance.

Real-time data

Record working hours, project time & travel expenses via web, app or terminal. The app, installed on your smartphone or tablet, facilitates the recording of working hours so that you can manage the project status in the cloud & in real time on the web.

Simply by app or on the computer

Project management with a few clicks

With the help of our innovative Software for project time recording you can book your recorded times on different projects. But that is not all. We also offer you the possibility to digitalise your project work and project controlling, including travel cost management. In this way, you simply optimise your processes & ensure that you and all employees involved are always optimally on time. Use the opportunities of modern time recording to manage your working and project times more efficiently and achieve your project goals with ease. 

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Project time tracking

Simple and efficient

With our module diversity, we offer you solutions where manual tools such as Excel reach their limits. The time recording of your employees can also be done via app. Keyword: mobile project time recording. Our software also supports you in project-related invoicing, saving you valuable time. The field report of a renowned management consultancy confirms the reliability and efficiency of our system. Start today and track your project times with ease. 

ZEP project time recording online

Efficient evaluation

From working time recording to project controlling

You want to know what makes our project time recording simply future-proof? 

  • Easily record projects and tasks
  • Document time entries on a project basis
  • Mobile time tracking via app for iOS and Android
  • Manage your employees' project times effectively
  • Stamping working times via smartphone or web client
  • Industry-independent tool e.g. for order-related time recording or to plan projects
  • Trial version for at least Test 30 days free of charge
Project time recording Travel expenses


With ZEP, the recording of working time is secure! The project times are available for you around the clock. We store all data in German data centres, so that every performance record & personal data are stored in compliance with data protection laws!

Locally anchored

Hosting & development takes place 100 % in Germany. This transparency has been part of our company DNA for over 20 years. This is how we ensure project-based time tracking that increases efficiency quickly and easily for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Personal support

Our personal support works quickly and efficiently. Problems with project accounting? Our team is there to help and advise you if you have questions about project time recording for your company. Your industry does not matter. Our support is always up to date!

The ZEP Project Time Recording offers these functions

Benefit from the advantages of project-based time recording software & get your team to perform at its best! 

ZEP Project Time Recording App

What must a good software for project time recording contain?

Project management

  • Detailed recording of working hours for projects, their processes and activities
  • Identification of billable and non-billable project times
  • Restrict bookings per employee to specific projects and tasks
  • Various other settings
  • Management of employee master data
  • Assignment of permissions and roles
  • Customer database including contact persons and contact details
  • Storage of customer-specific settings
  • Project database including settlement types, expense regulations and durations
  • Mapping of the project structure by means of activities and tasks
  • Graphical project plan for visualisation
  • Management of price groups (e.g. senior, junior, administration)
  • Customer and project-specific price tables with hourly and daily rates
  • Project-specific recording of documents for external costs
  • Tracking of travel times, VMA, km flat rates and other receipts
  • Simple digital billing and reimbursement
  • Onward invoicing of travel expenses to the client via the project
  • Effort planning in hours for projects and activities
  • Overbooking limits for projects and transactions
  • Simplified project controlling through comparison with planned expenditure
  • Time recording on the go at any time on iOS and Android devices
  • Travel detection by means of GPS
  • Recording travel expenses with attachments
  • Proven role and rights system
  • Single sign-on integrations
  • Store individual company stationery for invoices and evaluations
  • Optimised for use with tablets
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ZEP stands for time recording for projects and offers with the two products ZEP Professional and ZEP Compact a powerful and intuitive software solution for project-oriented working time recording, travel expense accounting, project planning, project controlling, resource planning, invoicing and much more.

Because time is money. Your focus should be on your daily business and not on administrative activities. Especially if you work for your customers and clients on a project-oriented basis and ultimately invoice your working hours, it is important for the successful implementation of the project to have an overview of the hours worked at all times and to account for them precisely and completely. Excel sheets or timesheets quickly become confusing, error-prone and time-consuming to handle and evaluate.

Yes, this is possible without any problems and is a core component of ZEP. It is also possible to add project times. Individual projects can be created as desired, so that there is one specific project for one client.

In an increasingly digitalised corporate world, we want to ensure that ZEP harmonises with the rest of your IT infrastructure. In addition to our standardised ZEP interfaces (SOAP & REST), we are therefore constantly integrating new partners with direct interfaces. From Hubspot and Personio to Salesforce for data exchange with the rest of the world. Learn more here everything about ZEP interfaces.

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