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Time tracking from A to Z

What do you need for an efficient process in your day-to-day business: a pure working time recording, the recording of project times with evaluations or a digitalisation of the operative processes? You know the answers, we know the right solutions.

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Find the right ZEP product for your business:

ZEP Professional

Project business from A to Z - time recording, planning, accounting, controlling, etc.
Available from as little as €20 per month!

ZEP Compact

Efficient project time tracking - time tracking and evaluation of projects
Available from as little as €8 per month!

ZEP Clock

The digital time clock - pure working time tracking, simple and legally compliant
Available from just €1.50 per month!

What makes your clocks tick?

ZEP offers the right product for every project!

ZEP Clock

The simple solution for pure working time tracking

You don't have time to fill out Excel spreadsheets or timesheets? ZEP Clock is a simple solution for pure working time tracking for the start of work, breaks and the end of work. You always have your digital time clock with you, thanks to the free ZEP Clock app for iOS and Android. And for on-site clocking, we offer our ZEP Terminal with RFID chips.

ZEP Compact

The efficient solution for project time tracking

Keep an eye on your project. ZEP Compact records all your services in hourly or daily rates, provides detailed time sheets and an overview of the project status and booked times of employees. Plus: With the ticket system, you distribute tasks and times in the team.

ZEP Professional

The solution for digitising your project business

In addition to project time tracking, you also have extensive functions in project planning, project controlling and integrated travel expense accounting. Benefit from a wide range of exclusive additional modules, such as invoicing, quotation generation and more.

ZEP is modular

Every time needs its solution

30 days non-binding

Smart add-on modules

Expand your ZEP product with practical additional modules: Accounting, central online document archive or personnel solutions with holiday and overtime management and much more. Count on us - we count for you!

Expandable at any time

Are you growing? ZEP grows with you! With a flexible licence model - customisable on a daily basis - and freely bookable additional modules, you decide when the time is right for new products and modules. Test ZEP additional modules without obligation and free of charge!

Customised solutions

Track your working hours and projects with our ZEP products and combinable ZEP add-on modules. For special evaluations, functions or interfaces, we adapt ZEP to your specific requirements on request.

Modules already included in ZEP Professional

Travel expense report

Conveniently record and settle receipts and travel times online

Planned hours

Project planning - as precise and flexible as you need it to be

Prices & Receipts

Professionally record and calculate project turnover and costs

Modules that can be booked for ZEP Professional

Departments, Branches & Locations

Map your entire company including cost allocation


Standardised templates and editing rights for employees


Digital time clock for project-independent working hours

Document management

Central online archive for all project documents and files

Export for accounting

Transmit costs and invoices in a simple and standardised way

Hubspot interface

Data exchange with Hubspot for central customer management


Simple planning and accounting of external employees

Personio interface

Time Recording with ZEP & HR with Personio - A Perfect Team


Invoice project times and expenses directly

Resource planning

Smart planning of work packages, effort and workloads

Salesforce interface

Data exchange with Salesforce for central customer management

SOAP interface

Standardised data exchange with the rest of the world

Tickets, Tasks & To-dos

Direct recording of working times on tickets and subtasks

Overtime, Absences & Holidays

Better manage and plan absences and staff absences

ZEP Terminal

RFID terminal for time tracking via chip tag

ZEP Prices

ZEP is customised to your needs - starting at just €1.50 per employee.

Testimonials from our customers

ZEP Clock
Education - Field report - Haimhausen / Germany

Less stress in the head

""Especially in a turbulent work environment - like in a day care centre or a youth centre - it's worth a lot if you don't have to painstakingly write down your activities by hand.""

ZEP Professional
Counselling - Field report - Roth / Germany

Self-understanding & implementation works

"From simple time tracking to project management, ZEP covers our needs very well!"

Management consultancy
ZEP Professional
Management consultancy - Experience report - Hamburg / Germany

As if made for us

"ZEP is tailored exactly to our business model and for this reason we don't need an additional software solution."

Trading company
ZEP Clock
Trading company - Experience report - Hamburg / Germany

Urgently needed icing on the cake

"ZEP Clock is super easy to use, very intuitive and gives us an evaluation option that we sorely missed with our previous programme."

Management consultancy
ZEP Professional
Management consultancy - Experience report - Cologne / Germany

Flexible, modular & customisable

"The flexibility and modularity of the software means that ZEP adapts smoothly to our changing needs and requirements."

Mechanical Engineering
ZEP Professional
Mechanical Engineering - Field Report - Bad Ditzenbach / Germany

Self-runners in the everyday workflow

"Our team can clock in from anywhere and they don't forget to enter the hours into an Excel list at the end of the week."

Engineering office
ZEP Professional
Engineering office - Field report - Buch am Erlbach, Germany

Love at first click

"We are highly satisfied with ZEP and wouldn't know how to run our current project evaluations without the tool."

IT Services
ZEP Clock
IT Service Provider - Experience Report - Illingen, Germany

Pure time recording with a certain "woof"

"Anyone who comes into the office in the morning or logs on to the PC in the home office simply clocks in and can start working straight away. ZEP has become an integral part of our corporate culture."

Management consultancy
ZEP Professional
Management consultancy - Experience report - Bremen / Germany

From time recording to invoicing

"ZEP delivers a comprehensive range of functions & numerous modules that are very well integrated with each other. The solution enables precise recording & billing of project times and diverse project controlling."

ZEP Professional
Service company - Experience report - Aarau / Switzerland

ZEP ensures efficient project management

"ZEP is easy to use and well thought out. The hours are easy to record, even those of part-time employees. Therefore, the working hours of 60 or 80 per cent employees can also be integrated into the system without any problems."

IT Services
ZEP Professional
IT Services - Experience Report - Buchholz i.d.N. / Germany

"Don't you take this away from us again!"

"From a management point of view, the use of a tool stands and falls with the acceptance of the employees. For the area of time recording, this means that employees must perceive a corresponding tool as a noticeable facilitation of work and not as a control instrument."

Advertising agency
ZEP Professional
Virtual Agency - Experience Report - Hamburg / Germany

ZEP: Focused, functional, intuitive

"Especially the allocation of all external services to the corresponding project is essential for a freelance network like TankTank to ensure that the profitability is right at all times. The integrated workflow in ZEP convinced us."