Project planning made to measure

Planned hours

Define hours and deliverables in advance for professional planning of your projects. Determine fixed or dynamic planning figures to manage your projects bottom-up or top-down according to your needs.

30 days non-binding

Dynamic vs. fixed planning

Needs-based project planning

You can enter dynamic or fixed target figures for each project and activity:

  1. Fixed planned figures lead to top-down planning, as a fixed number of hours may be distributed to the operations or sub-operations
  2. Dynamic planning figures lead to bottom-up planning in that the sum of the planning figures for tasks, tickets or subtasks determines the total effort for the project

Evaluation options

  • Target/actual comparison of time expenditure at the push of a button per project
  • Cross-project target/actual comparison of time expenditure for the overall view

Detailed effort planning

Features for every need

Enable project managers to carry out professional project controlling: 

  • Indication of the planned effort (in hours) for projects and activities
  • Overbooking stops for (billable) hours on each project or activity
  • Display of the planned effort (hours) among other things in the project plan
  • Project status notifications to the project managers when a certain quota is reached
  • Multiple display options for target figures so that the whole team can keep an eye on the project plan

Tickets, Tasks & To-dos

Popular add-on module

  • Definition of planned time expenditures for tickets and subtasks
  • Notifications when ticket scheduled hours are reached or exceeded

Resource planning

Popular add-on module

  • Staff planning according to their availability across projects
  • Work packages per employee, for workload control with traffic light system
ZEP is modular and 
30 days non-binding

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