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Simple recording of working time

The digital time clock - for intuitive working time recording, simple and legally compliant

from 1,50 € / User

1,50 €
/ User

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Record project times with structure

Efficient project time tracking - time tracking and evaluation of projects

from 8 € / User

8 €
/ User

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Digitise project business

Projects from A to Z - time recording, planning, accounting, controlling, evaluation of projects and much more.

from 20 € / User

20 €
/ User

First class personal support 𝓲
Basic functions
Multilingual user interface 𝓲

Own colour scheme and company logo

Single Sign-On 𝓲
Task automation 𝓲

Configurable mail templates

Standard evaluations incl. download 𝓲
ZEP App 𝓲
ZEP Clock App 𝓲
ZEP Terminal 𝓲

Work time tracking

Working hours 𝓲
Break times 𝓲
Break regulation 𝓲

Real-time view of actual working times

Working time evaluations

Time sheets

Project time tracking

Project times 𝓲
Real-time view of actual project times 𝓲

Project time evaluations

Project timesheets

Release process

Staff management

Employee master data 𝓲
Roles & Rights Concept 𝓲

Working time regulation per employee

Hourly ceiling per month and week

Project management
Project master data 𝓲
Projects with activities and sub-processes 𝓲
Projects with work locations and activities 𝓲

Teams with project managers and staff

Project and activity assignment 𝓲

Hourly and daily rate projects

Project evaluations 𝓲
Customer management
Customer master data 𝓲

Customer contact

Customer responsible 𝓲
Prices & Receipts
Hourly and daily rates 𝓲

Internal cost rates

Lump sum and fixed price projects

Surcharges and special times

Earnings and turnover evaluations 𝓲

Receipts and third-party costs

Cost accounting

Exchange rates and foreign currencies

Travel expense report 𝓲
Travel expense report 𝓲

Recording of meals for VMA deduction

Charging on to customers

Planned hours

Project planning with planned hours

Project planning with planned amounts

Display of planned hours in the project plan

Prevent overbooking of projects

Cross-project project planning 𝓲

Comparison of target and actual times

Overtime, Absences & Holidays

Leave requests with approval procedure

Automatic overtime accounts

Absence calendar 𝓲
Holiday calendar 𝓲
Arbitrary reasons for failure 𝓲
Monthly statement 𝓲
Standard evaluations 𝓲
Departments, Locations & Branches

Head of department role

Departmental or corporate structure

Evaluations per department or location

Internal cost allocations

Parent companies and subsidiaries 𝓲
Document management
Online document archive 𝓲

Authorisation control


Keywords, Categories, Document Status

Tickets, Tasks & To-dos
Project tickets and subtasks 𝓲

Time recording on tickets

Time recording on subtasks

E-mail-based workflow for tickets

Optional customer access

Mailboxes for support requests

Defined status transitions

Configurable prioritisation

Invoicing for tickets 𝓲
Resource planning

Project-specific scheduling

Project-specific work packages

Cross-project scheduling

Graphical & tabular utilisation plans

Residual effort estimate

Comparison of target and actual times

Freelancers 𝓲
Credits per project 𝓲

Internal hourly and daily rates per project

Individual credit note settings 𝓲

Stamping in and out function 𝓲

Comparison of attendances vs. project times

Real-time presence view

Generate automatic project times 𝓲

Time preassignment of the project time recording


Offer preparation and management

Standardised creation process 𝓲

Offer templates

Automatic project creation 𝓲
Invoicing 𝓲

Reminder of billable services

Company stationery

Approval process for invoices

Invoice dispatch by e-mail

Automatic invoicing


Incoming payment documentation

Machine-readable invoice formats 𝓲
Accounting evaluations 𝓲
Export for accounting 𝓲
Invoice export
Export of the cost statements 𝓲

Revenue accounts, cost centres, cost units

Personio interface
Hubspot interface
Salesforce interface
SOAP interface 𝓲
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