ZEP Professional

The digitalisation of your project business

Project time recording, project planning and project controlling including travel expense management - digitise your processes so that you and your team are always optimally on time.

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The most important ZEP Professional functions at a glance

ZEP Professional digitises every phase of your project, from planning to travel expense management.

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ZEP Professional Functions
  • Detailed recording of working hours for projects, their processes and activities
  • Identification of billable and non-billable project times
  • Restrict bookings per employee to specific projects and tasks
  • Various other settings
  • Management of employee master data
  • Assignment of permissions and roles
  • Customer database including contact persons and contact details
  • Storage of customer-specific settings
  • Project database including settlement types, expense regulations and durations
  • Mapping of the project structure by means of activities and tasks
  • Graphical project plan for visualisation
  • Management of price groups (e.g. senior, junior, administration)
  • Customer and project-specific price tables with hourly and daily rates
  • Project-specific recording of documents for external costs
  • Tracking of travel times, VMA, km flat rates and other receipts
  • Simple digital billing and reimbursement
  • Onward invoicing of travel expenses to the client via the project
  • Effort planning in hours for projects and activities
  • Overbooking limits for projects and transactions
  • Simplified project controlling through comparison with planned expenditure
  • Mobile time recording on iOS and Android devices
  • Record project times with default settings from ZEP
  • Document entry with image or PDF attachments
  • Recording absenteeism
  • Start-stop function for favourite projects
  • Recording of meals for the calculation of VMA
  • Proven role and rights system
  • Single sign-on integrations
  • Store individual company stationery for invoices and evaluations
  • Optimised for use with tablets
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Additional modules for ZEP Professional

Is your company growing? ZEP grows with you! Choose from practical additional modules.
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Departments, Branches & Locations

Map the entire company including internal cost allocation:

  • Individual organisational structure by means of departments and locations
  • Evaluations for the entire company as well as at departmental level
  • Head of department as recipient for leave requests
  • Deposit of own currencies at department level
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Standardised offer creation with templates, editing rights and release mechanisms:

  • Offer templates for the quick creation of standardised offers
  • Involvement of several employees in the preparation, review and submission of offers
  • Direct dispatch of an offer by mail after approval
  • Transfer of the offer into a project or an activity after commissioning

The digital time clock for recording attendance times:

  • Minute-by-minute tracking of start and end of work via browser and app
  • Combination with our RFID terminal possible, for time recording on site
  • Link any number of smartphones or tablets
  • Automated control of compliance with core working hours
Document management

Central online archive for all project documents and any other files:

  • Freely definable folder structures for documents such as manuals or project plans
  • Authorisation system for writing and reading with change history
  • Centrally store files and links to projects, employees and customers
  • Assignment of keywords and categories to documents
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Export for accounting

Transmit costs and invoices in a simple and standardised way:

  • Export of invoices, costs and receipts in CSV format for DATEV, Lexware, etc.
  • Consideration of exchange rates for invoices in foreign currency
  • Deposit of cost centres or cost units
  • Predefined export of debtors and creditors

Simple planning and accounting of external employees:

  • Record time spent directly on the project and keep an eye on costs
  • Faster invoice verification by means of recorded expenses
  • Direct billing with credit notes instead of separate invoices for external employees
  • Management of master data such as daily and hourly rates
HubSpot interface

Synchronisation of customer and project data between ZEP and HubSpot:

  • HubSpot retained as leading customer management system
  • Standardised transfer of customers and contact persons at the push of a button
  • Transfer deals from HubSpot to ZEP as projects from a certain phase onwards.
Personio interface

Time recording with ZEP & HR with Personio - A perfect team:

  • Transfer of new employees and master data created in Personio to ZEP
  • Automatically transfer time bookings to Personio
  • Receive time bookings that have been entered or changed directly in Personio
  • Transfer of absences from ZEP to Personio or vice versa
only for ZEP Professional

Invoice project times and expenses directly and no longer forget any expenses incurred:

  • Consideration of different types of billing (daily rate, fixed price, etc.)
  • Individual level of detail of the invoices (time sheets, voucher list, etc.)
  • Follow-up of unpaid invoices and reminders
  • Automated invoicing by mail after approval
Resource planning

Smart planning of work packages, effort and workloads:

  • Work packages for task distribution and workload management of employees
  • Determining staff, project and overall workloads
  • Control the workload of employees in parallel project assignments
  • Staff planning at project level and live display of target/actual effort
Salesforce interface

Manage customer data centrally in Salesforce and always keep it up to date in ZEP: 

  • Maintain Salesforce as the leading customer management system
  • Standardised transfer of customers and contact persons at the push of a button
  • Optional extension of the interface according to your requirements
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ZEP interfaces

Standardised XML-based data exchange with the rest of the world:

  • Connections to CRM, HR, ticket systems or the like
  • Query, creation and modification of projects, customers, employees and time bookings
  • Access to an Excel-based sample import/export programme
Tickets, Tasks & To-dos

Direct tracking of working times on tickets and subtasks:

  • Manage project-specific tickets, to-do lists and partial orders
  • Facilitated cooperation through mail notifications
  • Mail-based ticket workflow with mailboxes for receiving tickets from other systems
  • Optional customer access to create, manage or accept tickets
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Overtime, absenteeism & leave

Better manage and plan absences and staff absences:

  • Quick and clear management of holidays and absences
  • Automatic management of an overtime account per employee
  • Request and approval procedure for absences
  • Detailed and clear holiday and absence calendar for the entire team
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