Record working hours to the minute. With our ZEP Clock App, directly in ZEP or with our cost-effective ZEP Terminal, employees stamp their start and end of work. This makes it even easier to record times.

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ZEP Terminal
ZEP Terminal WLAN

Stamping in and out on your premises

Our self-produced ZEP Terminal

With our ZEP terminal employees simply clock in and out at ZEP Clock using an RFID key fob (type Mifare DESfire EV1 or EV2 or the ISO14443A standard - with a frequency of 13.56 MHz) or card. The low-cost terminal for hire perfectly complements the digital solution:

  • Tracking the start and end of work for your employees
  • Automatic transmission directly to ZEP Clock
  • Display of the current overtime balance when punching in
  • Ready for use without installation via WLAN or Ethernet cable
  • Optional purchase of accessories for wall mounting possible
  • Inexpensive monthly rent for only €15 instead of high one-off costs

Attendance time tracking

Guaranteed not to be a chore

  • Display of tracked attendance in time recording for projects
  • Link any number of smartphones or tablets as mobile time clocks
  • Tracking of attendance can be activated individually for each employee
  • Possibility of automatic creation of a project time by stamping per employee
  • Automatic logout after a certain duration of presence or at a certain time of day
  • Notifications when punching out has been forgotten
  • View current attendances and compare with project times

Possible applications

Time clock made simple

  • Decide which employee should stamp via the web frontend, the app or the terminal 
  • Use a tablet with the app at your reception as a central time clock
  • See who is already in the office on your smartphone, even when you are on the road
  • Documentation for steadily stricter laws at country level as in Austria and Germany

Instructions for use

  • Attendance times do not influence the calculation of overtime and holiday balances
  • There is no correlation between the attendances and the regular working hours

Overtime, Absences & Holidays

Popular add-on module

  • Keep overtime accounts per employee from the recorded project times
  • Track internal holiday and overtime regulations simply and clearly

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Personio interface

Popular add-on module

  • Transfer time bookings for projects automatically to the HR operating system
  • Ensure compliance with the statutory break regulations according to the Working Hours Act.

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#1 Software for Time recording
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Your employees clock in and out with our ZEP Clock app, directly in ZEP or the cost-effective ZEP terminal. The use of RFID key fobs or cards makes time recording precise and simple.

Our ZEP terminal enables clocking in and out using RFID key fobs or cards. It records the start and end of work, automatically transmits to ZEP Clock and displays the current overtime balance when clocking in.

The terminal is ready for use without installation via WLAN or Ethernet cable and can optionally be mounted on the wall.

ZEP displays the attendance recorded during time recording for projects. You can use any number of smartphones or tablets as mobile time clocks. Individual activation of attendance recording for each employee, automatic creation of project times by clocking in, automatic logout and notifications optimise your workflow.

ZEP's time clock allows you to decide whether employees should clock in via the web front end, the app or the terminal. A tablet with the app can be used as a central time clock at reception.

With the time recording app, it is possible to see who is already in the office, even when travelling. The application provides legal documentation for stricter laws at country level.

Attendance times do not affect the calculation of overtime and holiday balances in ZEP. There is no connection between the recorded attendances and the standard working hours, which enables clear and uncomplicated administration.