The digital time clock


Record working hours to the minute. With our ZEP Clock App, directly in ZEP or with our cost-effective ZEP Terminal, employees stamp their start and end of work. This makes it even easier to record times.

30 days non-binding

Stamping in and out on your premises

Our self-produced ZEP Terminal

With our RFID terminal employees simply punch in and out at the place of work using a key fob or card. The affordable terminal for rent perfectly complements the digital solution:

  • Tracking the start and end of work for your employees
  • Automatic transfer for preassignment of project time recording
  • Display of the current overtime balance when clocking in
  • Ready for use without installation via WLAN or Ethernet cable
  • Optional purchase of accessories for wall mounting possible
  • Cheap to rent for only €15 per month

Attendance time tracking

Guaranteed not to be a chore

  • Display of tracked attendance in time recording for projects
  • Link any number of smartphones or tablets as mobile time clocks
  • Tracking of attendance can be activated individually for each employee
  • Possibility of automatic creation of a project time by stamping per employee
  • Automatic logout after a certain duration of presence or at a certain time of day
  • Notifications when punching out has been forgotten
  • View current attendances and compare with project times

Possible applications

Time clock made simple

  • Decide which employee should stamp via the web frontend, the app or the terminal 
  • Use a tablet with the app at your reception as a central time clock
  • See who is already in the office on your smartphone, even when you are on the road
  • Documentation for steadily stricter laws at country level as in Austria and Germany

Instructions for use

  • Attendance times do not influence the calculation of overtime and holiday balances
  • There is no correlation between the attendances and the regular working hours

Overtime, Absences & Holidays

Popular Add-on module

  • Keep overtime accounts per employee from the recorded project times
  • Track internal holiday and overtime regulations simply and clearly

Personio interface

Popular add-on module

  • Transfer time bookings for projects automatically to the HR operating system
  • Ensure compliance with the statutory break regulations according to the Working Hours Act.
ZEP is modular and 
30 days non-binding

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