Online archive for project documents

Document management

Use a central and secure repository for important project documents. You and your team can access presentations, results documents or documentation at any time - with clearly defined authorisations.

30 days non-binding


Administrative work made simple

  • Build arbitrarily complex structures of folders
  • Store files as desired either project-, employee- or customer-specific
  • Use versioning of files to track changes at any time
  • Marking function when edits are made
  • Assign read and write permissions in the staff circle
  • Assignment of keywords, categories and status to documents

Instructions for use

  • Keywords: Simplify the search for specific documents
  • Categories: Grouping of files in Manuals, Project plans, etc.
  • Status: Classify documents in the creation process with In progress, In Review, etc.

Areas of application

  1. Quickly find documents, files and links to projects, clients and employees
  2. Track changes in the team at a glance
  3. Store special customer agreements centrally and retrieve them easily
  4. Access templates for presentations and other project documents anywhere and anytime
ZEP is modular and 
30 days non-binding

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