Project digitisation for IT service providers

With ZEP project time recording, you can set new standards in the automation of your day-to-day business. Whether one-off projects or recurring service orders, with ZEP you can record all expenses and invoice them. ZEP is process optimisation by professionals for professionals.

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Time recording for IT system house

For 20+ years, IT service providers have been at the core of our 1,800+ corporate customers and have increased their team performance with ZEP!

Time recording for projects and customers

Digital project management for IT service providers

Don't have time for manual processes? With ZEP you can digitise your project business in no time at all:

  • Complete and reliable recording of your project times
  • Facilitate compliance with court regulations - e.g. ECJ judgement
  • Convert working time spent into direct sales and costs
  • Always keep an eye on the profitability of your projects thanks to target vs. actual comparisons
  • Facilitate planning resources & budget through automated processes
  • Conveniently manage absences and overtime accounts
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Project controlling made easy

Manage projects centrally, flexibly & professionally

Would you like to use automated processes for your project management? With ZEP, you can manage your projects centrally in one tool:

  • Digital holiday and absence planning including approval process
  • Submit travel expense receipts directly digitally and prepare them for settlement
  • Time recording for projects, customers & activities as granular as necessary
  • Save time when billing your projects thanks to standardised workflows
  • Improved control over projects & project times thanks to versatile evaluation options
Project time recording Consulting vouchers

Project management for IT service providers

Modular software - flexible & reliable

The following workflows can be realised directly in the system for web-based recording of your project time:

  • Convert incoming customer emails & support requests directly into tickets
  • Create standardised quotation templates & send them directly to your customers by email
  • Create individual payment plans depending on the project type for clear invoicing
  • Absence management facilitates staff scheduling within the team
  • Clearly document the utilisation and availability of your IT specialists
  • Integration of freelancers into the internal teams for holistic analyses
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Whitepaper for IT service providers & system houses

More insights in the whitepaper

Are you looking for accurate project time tracking & automated processes for your project business? In this whitepaper you can expect exciting insights on the following topics:

  • For which IT companies and use cases ZEP is particularly suitable
  • The path to digitalised project controlling from A to Z
  • Presentation of the ZEP add-on modules from quotation management to invoicing
  • Centralised & legally compliant recording of all project and working times
  • and much more.
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FAQ - Project time recording in the for IT service providers

ZEP is a highly specialised software for project time recording that enables IT system houses to manage their projects, customers and activities digitally. It automates processes and offers comprehensive functions for recording and processing project times, travel expenses and holiday and absence planning.

Project time tracking is crucial for IT service providers for several reasons. Firstly, it helps to eliminate manual processes and optimise your workflows. You save time when invoicing your projects and have better control over projects and project times. ZEP enables you to organise your projects more efficiently and profitably.

Yes, you can allocate working time to projects or clients by assigning the recorded times in ZEP to different projects. This allows you to track exactly how much time is spent on individual mandates.

Yes, ZEP is flexible and can be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. In addition to our standardised ZEP interfaces (SOAP & REST), we are also constantly connecting new partners with direct interfaces. From Hubspot & Personio to Salesforce - for data exchange with the rest of the world.

Yes, ZEP allows you to plan a project from start to finish. You can keep complete and reliable records of your projects, ensure compliance with legal regulations and convert the time spent into direct costs. This allows you to keep an eye on the profitability of your projects and optimise resources and budgets through automated processes.

Yes, your IT consultants can record travel expenses and receipts via ZEP. The software facilitates the digital submission of travel expense receipts, making the process more efficient and error-free. You therefore have better control over travel expenses and can easily integrate them into project accounting.

Yes, ZEP can also be used with external employees, including freelancers. The software offers the option of billing and managing freelancers directly via ZEP. This facilitates collaboration with external resources and ensures that everyone involved is integrated into the time and cost planning.

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