Export for accounting

At the end of a project, transfer all invoices and receipts without errors to your own accounting department, for example DATEV or Lexware.

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Export for accounting ZEP

Interface features

Reduce error-proneness through standardisation

  • Export of invoices and costs in CSV format (DATEV, Lexware, etc.)
  • Support of the DATEV XML interface incl. documents
  • Configuration KOST1/KOST2 (DATEV) or cost centre/carrier (Lexware)
  • Deposit of cost centres and/or cost units
  • Generation of split bookings (Lexware)
  • Consideration of exchange rates for invoices in foreign currency
  • Export of debtors and creditors

Areas of application

  1. Transfer of invoices to your accounting department
  2. Transfer of costs into your accounting
  3. Transfer of data to your tax advisor


Popular add-on module

  • Automated invoicing
  • Management of invoice items
  • Multiple configurations for invoice content and formats

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Travel expense report

Popular add-on module

  • Digital and mobile document capture
  • Digital receipt viewing and further use for settlements and reimbursements

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ZEP enables error-free transmission through standardisation. This significantly reduces the susceptibility to errors when exporting invoices and costs in CSV format, including DATEV, Lexware and others.

ZEP supports the export of invoices and costs in CSV format and also offers support for the DATEV XML interface, including receipts. The configuration of KOST1/KOST2 for DATEV or cost centre/cost unit for Lexware is possible.

Furthermore, cost centres and/or cost units can be stored, split postings can be created and exchange rates for invoices in foreign currencies can be taken into account. The export of debtors and creditors is also integrated.

ZEP enables you to transfer invoices and costs to your accounting system. Regardless of whether you use DATEV, Lexware or other software, ZEP's export function guarantees smooth and error-free data transfer.

ZEP facilitates the transfer of data to your tax advisor by providing a smooth export function for invoices and costs. This function supports efficient collaboration with your tax advisor and ensures correct and timely transmission of all relevant data.

Exporting invoices and costs with ZEP is an effective solution, as it not only enables error-free transmission, but also allows individual adaptation to accounting requirements thanks to the wide range of configuration options, such as KOST1/KOST2 and cost centres/carriers. This ensures that your accounting is optimally supported.