Travel expense report template for Excel & PDF

With this travel expense template, you can easily and free of charge prepare your travel expense report with Excel. The template queries all relevant data and calculates the total cost of the trip from travel costs and other expenses such as meals and accommodation costs.

Travel expense form template ZEP

Use cases for the travel expense report template

Travel expense accounting per employee

Automatic calculation of all expenses

Have the travel expense form signed and authorised

FAQ's - Frequently asked questions about the travel expense form:

  • Once the date of the activity has been entered, the day of the week is automatically added and, in the case of a Saturday or Sunday, the row is coloured light grey
  • A date outside the travel period is not permitted
  • The total costs are calculated automatically
  • The totals of the individual categories are displayed at the end of the table

A well-structured travel expense form ensures accuracy and documentation, transparency and compliance, efficient accounting and cost control.

Yes, because with this travel expense template in Excel you can record all data and expenses for the business trip in one document. All relevant figures are calculated automatically and you can record everything with ease.

Yes, ZEP offers a practical way of accounting for travel expenses. With the Travel expenses module record your travel data together with your working hours. For simplified accounting of your expenses, assign receipts such as hotel bills, taxi receipts or train tickets to a project.

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Easily settle travel expenses with ZEP

As the number of employees grows, the manual accounting of travel expenses becomes increasingly time-consuming. With travel expense accounting in ZEP, you can easily enter travel data and allocate the corresponding invoices.