Travel expense reporting at the touch of a button

Travel expense report

Track your travel data together with your working hours. For a simplified accounting of your expenses, assign receipts such as hotel bills, taxi receipts or train tickets to a project.

30 days non-binding

Document entry

Simple recording of external costs

Third-party costs such as travel expenses are recorded as receipts and allocated to projects and customers:

  • Tracking on the move possible with our iOS and Android app
  • Several individual amounts per receipt possible, also at different tax rates
  • Travel expenses arrangements for on-charging per project possible
  • Automatic currency conversion into the customer currency
  • Different service date possible for e.g. pre-booked flights
  • Allocation of documents possible to attach original receipts or invoices

Additional expenses for meals

Automatic calculation of VMA

ZEP prepares the complete cost accounting incl. VMA

  • Definition of work locations with the corresponding flat rates
  • Configurable percentage deductions for meals received
  • Definition of vehicle types with km allowance and passenger allowances
  • Application of the 70/30 rule for the deductibility of entertainment receipts
  • Midnight regulation for business trips lasting several days and shift work
  • Further invoicing of the VMA to the customer configurable per project

How to digitise your travel expenses:

  1. Step: Mobile upload of receipts and travel data on smartphone or desktop
  2. Step: Automated charging of travel expenses to customers and reimbursement to employees
  3. Step: Professional project controlling including travel expenses and standardised export to the accounting department


Popular Add-on module

  • Creation of invoice items for vouchers and additional subsistence costs
  • Reporting of additional subsistence costs and receipts in the invoice annex
  • Generation of a document PDF as an invoice attachment

Export for accounting

Popular add-on module

  • Standardised cost export for easy data transfer
  • Compatibility with DATEV, Lexware and other systems
  • Support of the export of vouchers for DATEV
ZEP is modular and 
30 days non-binding

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