Discover and understand time tracking

ZEP Webinars

We will show you how you can automate and digitalise working time recording & project time recording in your company with ZEP. From the introduction to the initial setup to the integration into your existing systems, you will receive practical tips and tricks from our experts.

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ZEP Webinars and Initial Setup
ZEP Project Time Tracking Webinar

Introduction of project time recording

with Fred Uplegger

Discover all important aspects around the recording of working hours in projects and learn how you can efficiently plan, monitor and evaluate projects with the help of ZEP.

ZEP working time recording webinar

Introduction of working time recording

with Anna Canova

We take you into the world of working time recording with ZEP Clock and explain in 30 minutes how the software covers both legal and operational requirements. 𝓲

ZEP Clock Webinar

ZEP Clock Initial Setup

with Anna Canova

We will guide you through the most important features of ZEP Clock, and explain which settings should be made so that stamping with ZEP Clock works smoothly.

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