#1 Time recording
The digital time recording software from ZEP

Our software replaces manual timesheets, enables digital time recording for customers and projects and facilitates analyses and invoicing.
Optimise your workflows - we'll take care of the time!

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Record ZEP project times
Mobile time recording in the company

Employees can use the app to Attendance to the minute, whether in the office or in the field.

Fast report generation & export

Simple generation of reports in various formats such as PDF, Word or OpenOffice.

Seamless absence management

Holidays are recorded and managed from the first day to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

How effective working time recording can improve your operational efficiency

Simple working time recording

The implementation of a digital working time recording like ZEP revolutionises your operational efficiency. By precisely recording your employees' hours and seamlessly integrating them into your projects, ZEP enables you to optimally allocate resources and maximise your team's productivity. This is how you make time your ally.

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Project time tracking: How to manage your projects efficiently

Complex project business

Our project time recording software makes it easy to allocate recorded times to different projects. ZEP also allows you to digitalise your entire project work, including travel expense management. By using modern time recording technologies, you can optimise your working and project times more efficiently and achieve your goals effortlessly. Benefit: With the diverse selection of modules, you can go beyond the limits of conventional tools such as Excel and utilise functions such as mobile time tracking. Project time tracking.

ZEP Deployment Planning Desktop

Efficient absence management for all employees: how it works

Customised for you

You want Absences via time recording manage? With ZEP, you can always keep track of when employees are absent and automatically manage individual overtime accounts. Thanks to functions such as automatic overtime recognition, seamless time off requests and flexible approval processes, we make your administrative tasks more efficient than ever.

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Mobile time recording via app(s): simple and efficient for employees

Time recording to go

Traditional time sheets are a thing of the past. Thanks to Time recording via app track project and working times, travel expenses and even absences conveniently from anywhere - even offline. Our ZEP apps are the ideal complement to the browser solution. So that you and your employees can document all time entries in a legally compliant and data protection-compliant manner.

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Efficient evaluation: Maximise the benefits of your time recording!

Project time evaluation: Detailed analyses of project times according to various criteria such as time period, project category and status. Customisable search criteria and the inclusion of travel data enable individual analyses.

Project time matrix: Quick overview of working times for all projects and employees. Simple identification of workloads thanks to the option to list employees in rows.

Project time sheet: Creation of detailed timesheets for projects based on defined parameters. Possibility to limit to specific tasks or tickets and include price factors for billing purposes.

Project sales and customer sales: Insights into revenue generated for projects or customers in a specific period. Support in the financial evaluation of projects and customer relationships.

Come/go evaluation: Employees and administrators create individual analyses with an adjustable time period and optional display of daily events. It is also possible to round the times. Administrators also have the option of editing all events and configuring the table columns.

A special feature is the ability to run analyses in the background and schedule them as a task to receive regular reports automatically. This flexibility also extends to the export options, which make it possible to save data in various formats such as CSV, PDF or Excel.

Convenient clocking in and out

Employees can easily log in and out via the time recording terminal to document their working hours.

Cross-sector time recording

Use time recording for employees flexibly for different industries - from order-related time recording to project planning.

Time recording GDPR-compliant

Data protection-compliant time recording in accordance with ECJ and BAG requirements. With ZEP, you comply with all statutory provisions of the ArbZG.

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#1 Software for Time recording
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The use of digital time recording systems for employees offers numerous advantages. Previously possibly associated with negative connotations such as control and monitoring, it now stands for transparency and fairness in working hours accounting. The reconciliation of target and actual hours is quick and uncomplicated with ZEP. Employers value digital time recording as it effectively prevents working time fraud.

ZEP makes it easy to record working times via a mobile app, a stationary time recording terminal or a web-based platform. Employees enter their working hours, which are automatically recorded and stored centrally. Employers receive a clear visualisation of the recorded times for transparent billing per customer and/or project. This simplifies your working time management and improves the accuracy of time recording for efficient operations.

Since the judgement of the Federal Court of Justice in September 2022, the legal obligation to record working hours has been mandatory in Germany. Although compliance with this obligation is rarely monitored in practice, ZEP's digital time recording system offers a reliable solution. The applicable legal provisions on working hours, including break regulations, maximum working hours and rest periods, remain fundamentally unchanged.