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Departments, Branches & Locations

How do individual departments or branches perform? Keep an eye on your entire company, evaluate the projects of individual business units and thus map your individual company structure.

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Selected functionalities

Focus on your entire company

This module introduces an additional level of structuring through which the view between the overall company and locations, branches, departments or teams is made possible:

  • Additional user role Head of Department
  • Internal cost allocation between departments
  • Assignment of projects and employees to departments
  • Own currency per division for foreign locations
  • Department-specific evaluations of times, costs and internal costs

Overtime, Absences & Holidays

Popular add-on module

  • Head of department as recipient for leave requests
  • Head of department can block or release employees' times


Popular add-on module

  • Own invoice templates per department
  • Invoice number range per top department
  • Various specific departmental evaluations
ZEP is modular and 
30 days non-binding

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