31 August 2020

Fully automatic time recording - with timeBro and ZEP

Since Corona, many companies have had to work with smaller budgets. Project managers therefore need more than ever the most accurate and up-to-date project times possible in order to be able to plan and control projects profitably.

Automatic recording of all activities at the workplace

Employees often struggle with time tracking. According to the Harvard Business Review, the accuracy of recorded time is only 36-67%. The reason: it is very difficult to remember how many hours went into which project and when.

For many employees, continuous time recording during the day is too time-consuming - which is why time recording is usually postponed and times are estimated retrospectively.

For all those who sit at the computer a lot and no longer want to rack their brains over how long they have worked on what, ZEP can now also be used with timeBro.

What is timeBro?

  • Local application for automatic time recording for ZEP
  • Imports projects - exports time bookings (requires the ZEP SOAP interface)
  • Measures all computer activities such as times in files, emails, browser & calendar fully automatically
  • shows users their day as a chronological timeline - the perfect reminder for project time tracking
  • 100% Privacy - only the user sees his times
  • Synchronises the user's time bookings with ZEP

Learn more now and test free of charge

ZEP and timeBro can be connected with just a few clicks. On the ZEP side, the SOAP interface is required. timeBro can be tried out free of charge and without obligation for 14 days - no payment data need to be stored. The timeBro application is downloaded for the respective operating system and installed on the local workstation.

Further information on ZEP with timeBro.