HR digitisation ahead - Personio meets ZEP

As a Personio Premium Partner, we help you as a ZEP customer to successfully digitise HR and offer you all the benefits of a Personio interface in ZEP.
HR digitisation ahead - Personio meets ZEP

Digitisation in HR is indispensable today to ensure efficient management of employee data and processes. Modern HR software can help automate many processes and thus save time and costs. As a Personio Premium Partner, we can help you as a ZEP customer to successfully digitise HR and offer you all the benefits of a Personio interface in ZEP.

Increase efficiency - With ZEP & Personio

Since 2018, we have been working continuously on optimising the Interface between Personio and ZEPto make the two tools more effective. An important function for the efficiency of the HR department is the central recording of all employee data, including working hours. With ZEP, you can easily record regular working hours and project times and stay on the safe side thanks to functions such as reliable break regulation.

Working time recording is conveniently done via our mobile apps or the ZEP terminal and is automatically synchronised between the different media - also thanks to the Integration with Personio.

Digitisation of HR & project time recording

As a Personio Premium Partner, we work closely with the HR software experts to facilitate your implementation, configuration and integration and to support, expand and drive digitalisation in terms of project time recording and HR in your company. The Personio interface in ZEP offers you numerous advantages, including:

User provision

New employees can be automatically added to ZEP when they are hired in Personio. You can choose to add all new employees or only selected groups for fast and efficient onboarding tailored to your needs.

Life cycle of the employees

Employee data in Personio can be automatically matched with the corresponding ZEP users to ensure that your employee information is always up to date.

Deactivation of users

When an employee leaves the company, the corresponding ZEP user is automatically deactivated in Personio based on the leaving date.

Time management

Absence and attendance times, including sophisticated break regulations, are automatically synchronised between ZEP and Personio, regardless of whether they are recorded via the apps or ZEP's RFID terminals.

A successful partnership

Benny Hahn, Managing Director at provantis, is pleased with the growing success of his colleagues at Personio and particularly emphasises the advantages of the combination of the ZEP Terminal, the ZEP Clock App and the Personio interface. With more than 22 years of experience, ZEP offers a wide range of functions that can be modularly adapted to your needs. If you have any questions about the interface our support team gladly at your disposal.

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at provantis IT Solutions

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