Maximum profitability - with project management software

Double profits, discover most profitable customers - With our project management software ZEP you can store hourly/daily rates per employee price group for projects and customers as well as manage internal cost rates per employee. This way you stay within budget and maximise the profitability of your employees and projects.
Maximum profitability - with project management software

In today's business world, it is crucial for your company to manage all projects efficiently and ensure that they stay within the planned budget. At the same time, you also want to maximise the profitability of your staff and identify the clients and projects that will generate the highest profit, right? A proven solution to overcome these challenges is to use powerful project management software, like ZEP. With our software solution, you can store hourly and daily rates or fixed prices for projects and clients, while also taking into account internal cost rates for employees. In this way, you always have the planned budget in view and can get the maximum out of your employees in terms of profitability. But: How can you manage your projects successfully and achieve the highest possible profits? The answers can be found in the following article.

Project Management with ZEP - An Overview

ZEP is our web-based project management softwarewhich was specially developed for companies that want to manage their projects efficiently and increase profitability. One of the core functions is to set hourly and daily rates for different clients or even projects. This allows you to accurately plan and track the budget for each project. By comparing the actual hours worked with the planned budgets, your project managers can intervene in time when projects threaten to go over budget.

In addition to project budgets, our software solution allows you to set individual internal cost rates per project for each employee. This is particularly useful if you Additional freelancers employ to keep an eye on the profitability of individual team members and ensure you are using your resources efficiently. The ability to compare internal costs with actual client hours charged helps you to identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies directly.

Precise budget planning

What does this mean for your project planning? Well, with ZEP you can plan and track your project budgets in detail. This allows you to set realistic budgets and adjust project management accordingly to stay within budget. Your project team can monitor progress against budget and make immediate adjustments if the project threatens to get out of hand. You can have ZEP automatically inform you when certain percentage limits of the Planned hours exceeded, or you can prevent more from being booked than was planned.
This not only helps to ensure that your projects are completed on time, but also that the financial maximum is adhered to.

Identify most profitable clients & projects

You want to find out which clients and projects yield the most profit? Nothing could be easier. By measuring the profits achieved in relation to the project hours worked and the internal costs, you can determine exactly which clients and projects are responsible for the highest profit. Travel expenses incurred are also automatically taken into account here by ZEP. This insight is invaluable for your (future) business strategy. Because: Only in this way can you direct your resources more specifically to more profitable projects and intensify your relationship with the most lucrative customers. At the same time, the analysis in ZEP offers you the opportunity to reconsider or adjust accordingly less profitable projects or customers that consume more resources.

Use project management software efficiently

A crucial step for successful use of ZEP is to set appropriate hourly and daily rates for projects and clients. In doing so, you should consider both your own costs and the competitiveness of the prices. After all, it is important to choose realistic rates that are acceptable to both your company and your clients. Setting internal cost rates for employees also requires a delicate touch. Why? When planning your internal costs, you should not only consider the pure salary costs of individual employees, but also the "overhead costs" - such as company mobile phones, laptops, company cars or office equipment. Only in this way can you take into account an accurate calculation of the profitability of your employees.

Another important point is that you cannot use ZEP purely as a project planning software. To ensure maximum efficiency and profitability, continuous monitoring of projects is necessary. ZEP should be a holistic support for you in terms of project management. Project manager and team leader should therefore regularly analyse the progress of projects and the associated costs. You can set automatic notifications when budgets have been exceeded or have regular evaluations sent to you by e-mail. If there are deviations in the budget, you can react as quickly as possible and take appropriate measures to get the project back on track. ZEP supports you in your entire project management process with a wide range of functions. Analysing the profitability of customers and projects can help your company optimise your business strategy and focus on more profitable areas if necessary. The data obtained can also be used for your long-term workforce planning be of great value. As you can see, ZEP not only supports you in project planning, but could become your central tool for profitable project management.

Successful project management & maximum profits

As you can see, ZEP offers you a powerful solution to manage your projects efficiently and increase your profitability. With the ability to store hourly and daily rates for projects and clients and to take into account internal cost rates for employees, ZEP gives you a comprehensive overview of all project finances. Precise budget planning and tracking allows you to successfully complete projects without going over budget. Overall, ZEP is a valuable support for all those who want to optimise their project management practices and maximise profit. By professionally using our powerful software, you can successfully complete your projects, use your staff more efficiently and identify the most profitable clients and projects.

Now we have a little goodie for you: ZEP you can buy for Test at least 30 days free of charge and without obligation. You are welcome to arrange a Appointment with our support teamto set up ZEP optimally for you.

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at ZEP

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