Project time tracking for freelancers - productivity, transparency & success

Effective project time tracking for freelancers is crucial to increase productivity, enable transparent billing and maximise the success of their projects. Use your time efficiently and impress your clients!
Project time tracking for freelancers - productivity, transparency & success

Project time tracking for freelancers sounds drier than it actually is. Because: As a freelancer, working on different projects can be extremely exciting and fulfilling. The freedom to work self-determined and to choose one's projects is one of the main criteria why people become self-employed as freelancers - at the beginning of 2022, a whopping 1.47 million people in Germany are self-employed. But as every coin has two sides, independence as a freelancer also brings some challenges, especially with regard to project time tracking. Because: The right time recording can make the crucial difference between success and failure. In the following article, we would like to show you how you can increase your productivity as a freelancer, create more transparency towards your clients and maximise your chances of success.

What does project time tracking mean for freelancers?

What is the key point in the daily life of a freelancer? That's right, keeping track of the time spent on each project. This is where the topic of project time tracking comes into play. A Established software for project time recording enables you to use your working time efficiently, calculate project costs accurately and inform your clients transparently about the progress of the project - in the best case, without having to rummage through manually created spreadsheets. This not only allows you to estimate your services more precisely, but also to set your prices more realistically and plan future projects better.

Now you may be asking yourself whether such software does not mean additional administrative effort. Our clear answer: No! With a reliable and proven Software for project time recording such as ZEP you as a freelancer can not only increase your productivity, but also bill more accurately and plan future projects better in advance. Because: You no longer spend time on manual lists, but book your project times on projects created in the system and can bill them at the push of a button when they are completed. By monitoring your working time, you can identify and correct inefficient work habits and thus bring projects to a conclusion more effectively. With reliable project time tracking for freelancers, you can accurately account for your services and avoid potential disagreements with your clients about hours worked. Analysing your project times from past projects also allows you to create more realistic schedules for future projects and avoid overloads as much as possible.

3 Challenges in project time tracking for freelancers

Project time tracking may be a powerful tool, but it is not without various challenges, especially for freelancers who need to organise their work independently. But what challenges do you face in accurately recording your project times? And what are the ways to overcome them?

Temptation: Multitasking

As a freelancer, the following situation might sound familiar to you: You receive requests for several projects at the same time and one sounds better and more lucrative than the other. But be careful: don't fall into the multitasking trap! Because this is exactly what can turn into a nightmare. Switching between different tasks can lead to lost time and lack of clarity about how much time was actually invested in each project. To counter this challenge, it is important to consciously focus on one task and complete it before moving on to the next. A time tracking app, for example, can help you accurately track the time spent on each task and keep you focused on the project at hand.

Unpredictable interruptions

As a freelancer, you are often responsible for customer support, communication and technical problems. Unforeseen interruptions can definitely complicate the project time recording and lead to a gap in the recorded working hours. This is not desirable for you or your client! One way to deal with this challenge is to include unforeseen interruptions in the project time recording. This means that you do not only record the direct working time on a project, but also the time spent on administrative tasks or client communication. This gives you a more realistic picture of your total project time and allows you to better plan how much time you actually spent on pure project work.

Self-motivation & discipline

As a freelancer, you are your own boss and need to motivate yourself to stay productive. The temptation to get distracted by other activities or to put off work can make project time tracking difficult and lead to inaccurate data. To boost self-motivation. And discipline, you can set clear goals and block out work time as fixed appointments in your calendar. Also reward yourself for completed tasks or particularly challenging projects to maintain motivation. A positive attitude and awareness of how important accurate project time tracking is to your success as a freelancer will help you stay disciplined.

Project Time Tracking for Freelancers - Tools & Techniques

Which tools do you use for your project time tracking as a freelancer? Excel? Handwritten records? All error-prone and not very efficient. You can do better! Rely on a software solution for project time recording and use the diverse functionalities - detailed reports, Integration with other IT environments, clear and digitalised project management. Modern time tracking software offers you a user-friendly interface in which you, as a freelancer, can easily record your project times with just a few clicks. In addition, our software also allows you to set up different projects and tasks, which makes your project time recording even more targeted. In this way, you have a powerful tool at hand to manage your Project work even more efficient to design.

Because: Depending on the type of project, time recording can be done differently. For hourly-based projects, recording to the minute is necessary for accurate billing. For flat-rate contracts, on the other hand, it may be sufficient to record only the total time for the project. Our software solution offers you the functions you need while remaining as flexible as possible. Simply optimise your workflows and concentrate on what really counts: great results, satisfied customers and maximum efficiency! Why don't you try it out right away and see how it feels to get maximum efficiency into your daily project routine - you can use our software for at least € 1,000. Test 30 days free of charge and without obligation.

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at ZEP

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