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Project time recording software improves occupational health and safety - 6 reasons

How can project time recording software meet legal requirements on the subject of occupational health and safety? And how does this contribute to safety and employee motivation in your company? You can find the answers here.
Project time recording software improves occupational health and safety - 6 reasons

Occupational health and safety is a topic of fundamental importance for every company that wants to ensure the safety, health and well-being of its employees. But: OSH is much more than just a legal obligation - it can also have a significant impact on the productivity and motivation of your workforce. In this blog article, we will explore the close links between OSH and employee motivation. In doing so, we will put a special focus on legal requirements, the role of project time recording and how it can help to create safe working conditions and thus increase your productivity. Because: In a legally compliant setup, your employees can concentrate 100 per cent on their work without having to worry about (missing) occupational health and safety measures.

Occupational safety as a cornerstone for employee motivation

"Occupational health and safety measures within the meaning of this Act are measures for the prevention of accidents at work and work-related health hazards, including measures for the humane design of work." - Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG) §2 Definitions.

Protecting employees and ensuring their safety at work is of paramount importance in Germany. To ensure this protection, you as a company are obliged to comply with a wide range of occupational health and safety regulations and laws. Accurate documentation and compliance with working time regulations and the monitoring of safety regulations play a crucial role in meeting these requirements.

So you see, occupational health and safety forms the unshakeable foundation of any successful business, not only meeting legal requirements but also playing a fundamental role in creating a motivated and productive workforce. Workplace safety is much more than just compliance; it is a critical influencer of the physical and mental health and well-being of your employees. But: how can safe working conditions promote not only the physical health, but also the emotional and mental well-being of your employees? Let's look at how feeling safe boosts the confidence and commitment of your employees and how this ultimately affects the productivity of the entire company. Occupational health and safety is an investment that pays off in the long run in any case!

Safety & Wellbeing

The safety of your employees in the workplace is crucial. Why? When employees feel safe in their work environment, it not only affects their physical health, but also their psychological well-being. In a safe working environment, employees can work free of fears and worries, which has a positive effect on their motivation.

Trust & Commitment

Trust is a key element in any successful working relationship. When you actively involve your employees in occupational safety and health and look after their safety, employees develop a deep trust in your company and its leadership. This trust is the basis for increased employee motivation and commitment.

Reduction of absenteeism

Work absences due to accidents or health problems can cause significant disruptions to your company's workflow. Effective occupational health and safety aims to minimise such absences. When your employees can work safely, they are less prone to injuries and health problems, which in turn maintains productivity and reduces costs.

Comply with the law thanks to project time recording

The Working Hours Act (ArbZG) is a key law that regulates the working hours of employees in Germany. It ensures that workers are given adequate rest periods and working time limits to protect their health and safety. In project-oriented companies, accurate recording of and compliance with working hours are crucial, as working hours are often flexible - not least due to sometimes tight deadlines from your clients, which can quickly lead to overtime, making it necessary to monitor working hours to comply with the law.

Main provisions of the ArbZG regarding the recording of working time

Maximum daily working time - § 3 ArbZGPursuant to section 3 of the ArbZG, the maximum daily working time is in principle 8 hours. In certain cases, this time may be extended to 10 hours if an average of 8 hours per working day is not exceeded within six calendar months. Precise recording of working time is essential to ensure that these limits are observed and overtime is avoided.

Rest breaks and rest periods - § 4 ArbZG: The ArbZG also stipulates that workers are entitled to rest breaks and rest periods after a certain number of working hours. This is to recover and avoid exhaustion. Accurate documentation of working hours is crucial to ensure that these rest breaks and rest periods are granted accordingly.

Rest on Sundays and public holidays - § 9 ArbZGThe law also protects rest on Sundays and public holidays. Working on Sundays and public holidays is generally prohibited, unless certain exceptions or special regulations apply. Accurate recording of working hours is important to ensure that these rest periods are respected and that workers have adequate rest.

Documentation obligation - § 16 ArbZG, para. 2: The ArbZG obliges employers to record the working hours of their employees. This not only serves to comply with the legal regulations, but also to document overtime, rest periods and breaks. Project time recording software makes this documentation obligation much easier by enabling the exact recording of working hours, the monitoring of rest breaks and the calculation of overtime.

The role of project time recording software

At the latest after the BAG ruling from September 2022 you as an employer are obliged to record the working hours of your workforce. Since the Working Hours Act Occupational Safety and Health Act in Germany, project time recording software is becoming increasingly important in this context. Why? A legally secured software like ZEP supports you in strengthening the occupational health and safety of your employees and fulfilling all legal requirements. Our tool enables the precise recording of working hours, the calculation of overtime, the planning of breaks and rest periods as well as the automatic generation of reports on compliance with legal regulations. This not only helps to prevent possible violations, but also increases the efficiency and accuracy of working time recording and relieves your HR department.

Compliance with the ArbZG in combination with the use of ZEP as software for project time recording can also significantly increase employee motivation in your company. How? Here are 6 reasons:

1. transparent working time regulations

Strict compliance with the ArbZG creates clarity and transparency in working hours. Employees know exactly how many hours they are allowed to work and what breaks they are entitled to. This prevents overwork and supports the work-life balance. The accurate recording of working hours through the time recording software ensures that these regulations are accurately adhered to, which strengthens employees' trust in the organisation of working time.

2. monitoring of overtime

The ArbZG stipulates that daily working hours are limited to 8 hours, with exceptions. The time recording software enables the accurate monitoring of working hours and the avoidance of unpaid overtime. Employees feel motivated when they see that their working hours are respected and that they do not have to work excessive hours.

3. rest periods and breaks

The law requires rest breaks and rest periods to ensure the health and recovery of employees. Time tracking software helps to plan these break times effectively and ensure that they are granted regularly. Rested employees are usually more motivated and productive.

4. legal certainty and compliance

Compliance with the ArbZG and the use of time recording software ensure compliance with legal regulations. This creates legal certainty for employers and employees. Employees who know that their working time laws are respected feel protected and valued.

5. efficient management of working hours

Time tracking software automates the management of working hours, which reduces administrative work. Less manual recording and administration means more time for productive work and team collaboration, which can increase employee motivation.

6. trust and employee participation

Accurate documentation and compliance with working hours builds trust between employers and employees. When employees know that their interests and health are taken into account, they feel more involved in the company and motivated to give their best.

Overall, the combination of compliance with the Working Hours Act and the Use of time recording software like ZEP, a healthy and balanced working environment where your employees feel valued and respected. This helps to increase employee motivation and promotes long-term productivity and commitment of your employees to the company. Play it safe. With ZEP!

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at ZEP

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