Software update ZEP 6.11: New functions & improvements

The new version 6.11 of ZEP brings exciting new features such as automatic overtime capping or a revised month-end closing. With the extended Personio interface, the integration between both platforms becomes even more seamless.
Software Update ZEP 6.11 - Functions & Improvements

The world of work and project time management is becoming increasingly complex and demanding. In this dynamic environment, it is essential that software solutions are continuously updated and improved to meet your needs. And since we always take your feedback into account for ZEP, it was time for the new version 6.11. In this blog post, we want to give you an overview of the new features and improvements that, thanks to your help, have made project time recording of all ZEP users even easier. This update promises not only more effective management of working hours and absences, but also more seamless integration with other HR tools.

Automatic overtime capping

One of the outstanding features in ZEP 6.11 is the introduction of automatic overtime capping. With this feature, you can now easily set an automatic limit for overtime for your employees if their employment contracts already provide for an absolute or percentage number of overtime hours.

Activating this function is very simple: Go to Settings and select Overtime. There you now have the option to activate this option. You can then define the value for the automatic overtime cap directly in the working time regulations of your employees. These settings can be made both manually for individual employees and as part of a mass operation. In addition, you have the option of setting these values as a default under Administration > Settings > Staff for all future employees. With this feature, you can automate compliance with employment contracts and overtime rules, making administration and compliance much easier.

Deposit several VAT rates

In the dynamic business world, changes are the order of the day. Among other things, this also affects VAT laws in various countries, such as currently in Switzerland, where VAT rates will be adjusted from 2024. What will change in detail? Well, from 1 January 2024 in Switzerland the Value added tax raised from previously 7.7 % to 8.1 %. For resident businesses, this means that the new tax rates can be settled with the FTA (Federal Tax Administration) for the first time in the VAT statement for the 3rd quarter 2023, the 2nd semester 2023 and the month of July 2023. Detailed information on the adjustment of VAT in Switzerland can be found here.

Companies need to prepare for such changes in time to ensure compliance with the new regulations. With ZEP version 6.11, we have prepared for these challenges and integrated a powerful function. This means that you can now store several VAT rates per revenue account in order to optimally adapt to the changing tax rates. The process for this is very simple: Create the revenue account under Master data > Billing > Revenue accounts a second time, but with the new VAT rate. This gives you the option of using the previous and the new tax rates without any major administrative effort.

This flexibility enables you to make the necessary adjustments to your accounting and ensure that your invoicing complies with the new regulations.

Revised monthly financial statement

What else can you look forward to in ZEP 6.11? Well, we have given the month-end closing a complete facelift so that you have an improved overview of your employees' working hours. The monthly statement now shows the net hours, so you always have an overview of the hours after deductions, such as break regulations. The colour scheme in the monthly statement is based on the previously defined colours of the reasons for errors, which makes the visual representation clearer. In addition, new columns have been added that combine target and actual times as well as sick and holiday times. These changes make the monthly statement an even more powerful tool for your working time management.

Advanced Personio interface

You already use our Personio interface? This integration has also been significantly expanded and improved. New in ZEP 6.11 is now the possibility to use the fields Acad. degree resp. Academic degree from Personio into ZEP. If these attributes are not present in Personio by default, you can set them as custom attributes and synchronise them seamlessly with ZEP. In addition, the approval process in Personio can now be accommodated by ZEP. You have the flexibility to define the required settings and coordinate the approval of working hours smoothly between both platforms. And finally, existing functions for Absence by the hour in ZEP and their synchronisation with Personio further improved. To simplify synchronisation, you can now specify a default price group in the Personio master data, which is automatically adopted during the initial synchronisation if no other price group is defined in Personio.

Usability & Performance

In addition to the features and improvements mentioned above, we have made a number of adjustments to improve usability and performance. What does this mean for you? Well, you can continue to use ZEP 6.11 comfortably as usual, while benefiting from optimised usability and speed. The update to ZEP 6.11 thus promises greater efficiency in managing your working hours and absences, better compliance with employment contracts and statutory working time regulations, as well as a more seamless integration with Personio.

We look forward to seeing these new features and improvements in action and are sure they will make your work with ZEP even more effective and user-friendly. Thank you for your continued support as we work together to make ZEP better and better. If you have any questions or need support with the update, you can contact feel free to contact our support team.

Tanja Hartmann CEP

Tanja Hartmann

Content Marketing Manager at ZEP

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